Analysis of Walt Disney Company

Disney uses product differentiation as its generic strategy to be a competitive advantage. Based on Michael Porter’s model, this strategy comprises unique products offered to many market segments. For instance, Walt Disney offers its entertainment products to almost every person globally, especially with the core emphasis on family-oriented programming. This generic competitive strategy, uniqueness through innovation, differentiates its products from its competitors (Schickel, 2019). Walt Disney exhibits excellent strategic fit business units are all in possession of opportunities that are significant potential for cost savings and skills transfer. Having many baskets gives Disney an added advantage as it can make use of the many skills and assets available to them. Walt Disney is immersed in product development to elevate its value to its customer.

Concerning the fiscal years 2013-2017, Disney was doing pretty well in its market share. It made sales to a wide segment of customers across the globe, which increased revenue generation. Each business unit within the Disney company, be it resorts or entertainment products, digital games and apps, it also housed some of the most respected brands of movies around the globe, all of these activities contributed to the revenue pooling in 2015, leading to 2017 financial reports.

The first action that Walt ought to do is price increment, increasing sales, and the increment of fixed cost utilization. These factors that can play a vital role in ensuring that the Walt management increases its shareholder value. he company can also provide the shareholders with dividends to see it through the value increment. Being direct to clients is an integral part of ensuring a good rapport between the company and the consumers. Such intimate relationships can be created by having public campaigns to build a public reputation, that will ensure Disney wins public interest.


Schickel, R. (2019). The Disney version: The life, times, art and commerce of Walt Disney. Simon & Schuster.

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