Asian Immigrants in the United States and Racism

For a very long time, there have been many racial groups that were immigrating to the United States. Asians are one such group that was able to establish a life for themselves in the US and be successful in reaching their goals and dreams.

Even though the Asian population is increasing in the United States the prejudice and discrimination have decreased only in minor proportions, considering the time that Asians have lived in North America. The biggest and most common discrimination is about looks. This is the first thing that anyone notices about another person. Asians are differentiated from the rest primarily because of the way they look. In reality, the genetic material of races does not differ very much but it is sad that people do not understand and want to consider this fact, they only want to stereotype and separate everyone else from themselves. Even though some interracial marriages and children are born to feel and are considered American, prejudice still exists. This is the problem with Asian people because even several generations down the line they will still have features that other people will identify as Asian. This predisposition towards people is very wrong. It shows how uneducated and selfish people are in judging others. The majority of people do not value that Asian people are very hardworking people, respectful and smart. The way someone looks does not define who they are inside, their personality, and their characteristics. But it is an unfortunate fact that people of the western culture consider themselves superior to the rest of the world and this is constantly demonstrated in their treatment of people of other races.

Racism has been an excuse to commit horrible acts for a very long period. People have waged wars on others just because they thought people are dangerous due to how they looked. The inability to understand the rituals and beliefs of one person makes those without the knowledge scared and the way they express their fear is by putting people down and trying to exterminate them. In the modern days, things are not as violent as before but the moral pressure is very great, creating an unwanted tension based on stereotypical views. It is interesting that even if people from different backgrounds but with the same ethnic beliefs come together, they are still thought of as outsiders and are considered “different.” The majority of open discrimination has subsided but there is much prejudice that people carry along with them and thus their behavior is modified. They might not show their predispositions directly but they might avoid certain places or situations where they could meet someone of an “undesired” background. Sometimes these negative views become so severe that the whole nation of people is thought of as inferior and these stereotypes create many problems for the civilized world. The sad truth is that society sets up a hierarchal order, which does not allow certain groups to excel in some parts of the community or society. This wrongful view that some people are dominant and should take all the higher positions of power and privileges is detrimental to society and progress in general.

People fear what they don’t know and understand. Immigrants who come from far away countries are known very little and so prejudice continues to exist even in modern times.

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