Avoiding Behaviors Destructive to My Health


Living a healthy lifestyle is everyone’s desire and all human being must strive at all cost to achieve this. Current lifestyle in the modern society for example excessive consumption of processed food , lack of exercise are to blame for increasing rate of cancer, stress, diabetes, and obesity in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore avoiding destructive behaviors such as drug abuse, tobacco, drug abuse and alcohol consumption is high encouraged. Furthermore, diseases such as cancer and diabetes are of great concern and therefore it is very important for all people to identify useful lifestyle and dietary prevention strategies. According to research carried out on the victims some of useful strategies include; good nutrition, exercise, meditation, government policies, etc. in this study we are going to study destructive effects and prevention strategies of stress, alcohol, tobacco, cancer and diabetes.


Stress can be defined as basically forces or powers from outside world have impact on the individual and this human being reacts to stress in varied ways that influence person and the environment. Extreme stress through teenager years has adverse negative effects on both mental and physical health in later life..For instance, it leads to depression development, a grave condition that may lead to committing suicide. Furthermore, stress leads to a number of various unhealthy conditions namely; gastrointestinal diseases, elevated blood pressure, depression, cardiovascular disease, anxiety disorder, cancer and early ageing. Due to stress, we have increased tendency and severity of asthma, migraine headache and diabetes. External factors that causes stress comprises of individuals’ job, family issues, relationship with others, and all the challenges, situation, expectations and difficulties that human beings face everyday. Inner factors determines human beings capability to manage stress specifically nutritional condition, fitness and overall health stages, emotional welfare, quantity of siesta and individual rest per given period.

First step towards stress management is doing exercise frequently which assists in reducing manufacturing of neurochemicals and stress hormones. Secondly, stopping drug use and simply reasonable alcohol utilization are vital for the successful control of stress. Examples of drugs used include valium, Prozac, Xanax etc. is has been proved that taking some time to meditate and to break helps a great deal in reduce stress (Conrad & Stoppler, par. 5).


Tobacco is consumed by human beings by smoking cigarettes and is one major cause of preventable early death in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore contact ecological tobacco smoke is an avoidable cause of noteworthy mortality and morbidity (CDC&P, par. 2) It is unhealthy to smoke cigarette as it leads to the following diseases; lung cancer, chronic obstructive lung disease, coronary heart disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm and increased chances by four-fold being attacked by stroke. Just to add on health effects of tobacco use, the chemical compounds also leads to kidney cancer, heightened myeloid leukemia, cervical cancer, stomach cancer and many more. Finally other health effects include higher tendencies of infertility, stillbirth, preterm delivery and low birth weight (CDC&P, par.3)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can take the following steps in stopping or reducing tobacco use: hiking cigarette prices via excise taxes to make them unaffordable, strong use of conformity checks, Development of social hold up for enforcement, educating the community on dangers of tobacco use and controls or bans on Cigarette smoking at society proceedings or in community areas e.g. parks (Wakefield, Chaplouka, par. 2). Finally also strategies that have worked in other countries involve; school regulations concerning tobacco use, prohibition of smoking in individuals’ homes, and government regulation on tobacco advertisements (Wakefield, Chaplouka, par. 4).


Alcohol consumption can lead to many health problems. Excessive consumption may cause more than 60 diseases. Some of the health problems caused by alcohol include; cirrhosis of the liver, breast cancer, nervous problems i.e. alcoholic polyneuropathy, stomach and heart diseases. The degree to which alcohol use contributes to some particular disease is articulated in “alcohol attributable fractions”. More so, alcohol is a major killer in terms of traffic accidents as result of drunk drivers.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) can take the following steps in stopping or reducing alcohol use: exceeding alcohol prices via excise taxes to make them too expensive, strong use of conformity checks, Development of social hold up for enforcement, educating the community on dangers of alcohol use and controls or bans on alcohol at society proceedings or in community areas e.g. parks (Wakefield, Chaplouka, par. 2). Finally also strategies that have worked in other countries involve; school regulations concerning alcohol use, prohibition of alcohol in individuals’ homes, and government regulation on alcohol advertisements (Wakefield , Chaplouka, par. 4)..


Drugs can be used to cure or excessive consumption of drug can lead to addiction or abuse. Drug abuse and the resulting addiction entails the recurrent and too much use of definite chemical substances to gain certain result. Different drugs can cause different actions on the human health. For example cocaine can cause an intense early feeling of unlimited energy. Heroin may cause extreme feelings of calm and relaxation. Drugs abused cause both physically and mentally addiction. Tolerance is the body used to a certain drug as it need more and more amount to gain certain effects. Health effect caused by drug abuse i.e. users start neglecting their health to risk of transferable diseases like HIV or hepatitis from using needles with other uses. Excessive drug usage directly ruins health as well, causing lung disease, heart problems, arthritis, brain damage and overdose can lead to death. To limit or stop drug usage; having a strong family bond, getting involved community based activities, going to school and involving in religious organizations. Family can seek community based assistance and taking the affected drug rehab treatment centre.


Cancer is a category of diseases comprised of uncontrolled cell growth. We have over 100 different types of cancer and the given type of cancer grouped basing on the type of body cell that is majorly affected. Cancer hurts the body when spoiled cells split uncontrollably to shape lumps or heaps of tissues known as tumors (only leukemia where cancer limits usual blood functioning by unusual cell partition in the blood system). Cancer is in the end is as a result of body cells that develop without stopping and never dies. Usual cells in the body follow systematic way of growth, separation and death. Programmed cells decease is known as apoptosis and when this steps breaks down, the formation of cancer begins. Being exposed to Carcinogens a substance responsible for destroying DNA enabling or aiding cancer. Cancer is also caused by genetic tendency from family to members. Common cancers in males include: prostate, throat or lung and colon cancer. It can be limited or stop through surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy and gene therapy.


It has been proved that people with family history of diabetes have 33% higher probability of developing diabetes as compared to those without family history. Scientifically, diabetes is a genetic state and manifests when human beings eat too much methodically, especially if they eat a lot of processed foodstuffs; fats and proteins (May, par. 4). Manufactured foods, for example cake, bread, icy cream and chocolate have a lot of refined carbohydrates and are unsafe to the human when consumed in huge amount over an extended time. Also fats and proteins are key contributors since the body converts them to sugar (May, par.5). Based on scientific research, 85% of individuals with diabetes are overweight as obese conditions leads to deficiency of insulin in the body. We also have mild diabetes as people grow old as a result of high blood sugar. Finally stress also contributes to diabetes mellitus development because stress impacts negatively on human beings metabolism.

Diabetes can be reduced by minimizing stress, for example doing physical exercise regularly and avoid situations that lead to anxiety and stress. By regularly doing some exercise, a person controls his /her body weight and significantly develops wellbeing as a whole. A fit body works properly and generates blood sugar more efficiently as insulin generation stabilizes thereby reducing chances of developing diabetes (May, par. 6). This lifestyle disease can actually be controlled by changing our lifestyle. Diabetes mellitus can be reduced by changing individuals’ diet, for example reducing consumption of processed foodstuffs e.g. white bread. Additionally, people of Saudi Arabia must reduce intake foods with a lot of sugar levels on top, great blood sugar levels sometime may harm blood vessels and encourage insulin resistance with time. As for prevalence of diabetes in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), we use extrapolation calculation method which does not factor in genetic, environmental, cultural and racial differences across countries. Planet ‘prevalence’ of diabetes implies approximated population of human who are have and are managing it at any given. in Saudi Arabia we have prevalence of 1,517,408 out of 25,795,9382population (CureResearch, table 2)


Having gone through the above health problems, we see that exercise, healthy diet and weight loss are major steps towards reducing diabetes, cancer and stress. Additionally individuals’ decision, moral support, exercise etc can help reduce alcohol and tobacco use.

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