Barack Obama vs. John McCain: Presidential Elections of 2008


Presidential elections of 2008 in America were a very important step for all Americans as they had to choose their leader, their head of the country. The central figures and leaders among all other candidates were Borack Obama and John McCain. In order to understand their political vision of the situation in the states and evaluate their contribution to the general development of the country and of the society one should compare these two strong personalities and contrast their political positions.


Senator Borack Obama is considered to be a very strong candidate to the post of the president. He is very persuasive and his charisma helps him in reaching his goals. His views are open to the society and he is considered to address every person directly explaining his purpose and meaning for the state. Borack Obama never supported the state of war in Iraq and with Iraq. One of the main goals in his future presidential carrier is aimed at making health care system more accessible for all the Americans not to pay high prices for their medical support and help on the part of experienced doctors.

John McCain is one more candidate for the presidential post with great ambitions to develop inner politics of the state and promote new challenge on the international arena. He was always ready for new changes and was interested in current events of contemporary political situation of the country that is why he decided to promote his own ideas to the modern American world. Like Obama he was also interested in the health care reform in order to make medical assurance more available for every family and for individuals. He was concentrated on making medical assurance more portable and promoted a lot of ideas as to the reduction of the health care costs. This common aim united both candidates though the level of their experience and contribution to the political situation is very different.

Various researches and social polls were carried out in order to understand the position of the Americans as to the presidential candidates; to know the level of their support given to McCain or Obama. After contrasting two these personalities the majority of the population supported John McCain for the number of reasons:

  • McCain presented more realistic ideas as to future political campaign because his experience makes him evaluate and understand the needs of the contemporary society;
  • Obama is not so patriotic as McCain who was always proud to be a real American and have an opportunity to live and develop this country, to put all his efforts to its future;
  • Obama and McCain have contradictions as to the tax system of America.

Obama is about to raise taxes for every person living in the states, no matter what social position they have. McCain is planning to aim his politics to the reduction of the tax rate without any hope for doubling general taxes in order to develop economy of America.

Both Obama and McCain are candidates who strive to make the political and economical situation of the United States much better. Social polls show that McCain managed to earn more trust on the part of ordinary people and that is why more support. It is the question of the level of experience in the related field of both candidates. Obama who is known as the senator did not devote so much time and efforts to the political field of the country; he is not so experienced and skilled that is why it is very difficult to get present his ideas in public in order to get understanding and support. It is also the question of international friendship; Obama is of Afro American origin and he is considered to be the representative of another culture. Those people who are racist never support such politics no matter what views and ideas they contribute to the public.

The problem of the tobacco promotion is deeply interacted with the future actions of the candidates and their vision of this situation is quite different. Obama is considered t be the first possible president who is going to admit tobacco smoking. He is to make cocaine smoking a general phenomenon while McCain underlines that the taxes on the tobacco products would be raised in order to reduce the number of smokers in the country. He sticks to the point that the promotion of the tobacco products within the country would never influence the development of the economy positively, but worsen the general state of the society.


To draw a conclusion it is important to underline that the presidential elections of 2008 involved really strong personalities and candidates who strive to make the situation in the country better and the life of the population more cloudless. The position of both candidates became clearer after the analysis carried out. One can come to a conclusion that the promotion of McCain’s political campaign found more support in the society in comparison with Obama. Borack Obama and John McCain got a lot of supporters among the Americans; it depends on their political views, economical ideas and vision of the future of the USA. Their strong qualities of character and deep political thoughts deserve respect and votes of the majorities.


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