Benefits of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

It is appropriate for gay marriage to be legalized because it is neither an educative nor a merited act. The constitutions of many countries including ours recommend for observance of human liberties. One of the crucial civil liberties is the pursuit of joy, an element denied to homosexual individuals. Homosexual persons lack the freedom of marrying individuals of their choice and this is a violation of their rights. Traditional practices and other religious ethics are among the external forces that pose a great challenge to homosexuality. However, it is advisable for these entities to grant homosexual individuals their liberties. Putting stumbling blocks to gay marriage practices is unconstitutional and a vivid way of expressing discrimination.

Most of the American states such as Massachusetts and Washington have legalized gay marriages. According to those states, it is appropriate for the constitution to be implemented by any state and country to the later. As outlined in the constitution of many countries including China, all human beings are entitled to fair treatment regardless of their practices. Thus, it is against the law to disregard the interests of gay individuals (Lopez, 88).

The rate of divorce in many countries has contributed significantly to the decline in developmental projects. Separated individuals prove unproductive due to their cumulative stresses. However, the legalization of gay marriage plays a significant role in reducing the number of divorces in many countries. For instance, the legalization of gay marriage in Massachusetts in 2004 led to a decline of divorces by about 21% as per the statistics carried out between late 2003 and late 2008. Thus, China opts to adopt the Massachusetts practice in order to lower the rate of divorces that take place in it.

The constitution of many countries including China protects gay marriage through their commitment to the observance of freedom and equality. For instance, in 1974, American Supreme Court passed a law that advocated for observance of personal freedom in terms of marriage and life. Thus, it is appropriate for China to emulate what most states in America are practicing (Badgett, 91).

Denying homosexuals the right to marry stigmatizes gay families. It leads to such families being observed as inferior. It also portrays unacceptable messages that result in gay marriage individuals being discriminated against. Thus, it is crucial for many countries including China to legalize gay marriages in order to do reduce the rates of discomforts in many families. In allowing gay marriages, China will also succeed in reducing the rate of discrimination that takes place among its citizens.

Marriages contribute financially in many states; therefore, allowing gay marriages will also play a significant role in boosting the economic status of a state. Revenue from marriages channel in via marriage licenses, marriage penalties, and reduction of country’s costs to rewarding programs, this is evident from the statistics carried out in New York. New York City by legalizing gay marriage collects over 300 million that contributes immensely towards advancing the City’s economic programs. Thus, via legalizing gay marriage in China, the government of China will manage to develop economically via the collected revenue from gay individuals (Andryszewski, 86).

Many children born to lesbian mothers experience a lot of problems due to a lack of appropriate care. This has been due to low rates of adoption practices in China. However, the legalization of gay marriage in America has greatly contributed to the increase in the number of children adoptions. For instance, from the statistics carried out in America in 2010, the number of children that were awaiting adoption in almost all states of America was about 100,000 (Larocque, 77). Thus, the legalization of gay marriage in the US contributed immensely towards increasing the rate of children adoptions.

Marriages play a significant role in promoting the physical and psychological fitness of individuals. From research carried, it is evident that denial of same-sex marriages leads to psychological problems. Therefore, it is vital for gay marriage to be legalized so that gay individuals can have access to social aids benefited by persons involved in heterosexual marriages. The legalization of gay marriage will also allow gay individuals a chance of socializing with other individuals. This will aid contribute significantly towards the reduction of health complications such as ulcers.

As per the constitution, all citizens of China are entitled to benefit of basic rights. However, individuals practicing homosexuality are barred from accessing their basic needs. Therefore, it is very crucial for the government of China to legalize gay practices so that all people including gays should have access to health care (Mello, 93). Gays should also be legalized so that gay individuals should have inheritance rights and access to basic protection.

From research carried, individuals involved in heterosexual marriages have proved inhuman in most places. Heterosexual families rarely grant support to needy persons. However, it has been proved that gay individuals are so humane. They freely support individuals regardless of their race or ethnicity. Thus, the legalization of gay marriages will aid significantly in solving the rate of life difficulties in a country such as China.

The legalization of gay marriage leads to a reduction of rates of abortion and children’s birth rate out of wedlock. In addition, it has also been proved in America that the legalization of gay marriage does not impact heterosexual marriages in any way. Therefore, China opts to legalize gay marriage in order to lower the rates of abortions and children birth out of wedlock.

In conclusion, the legalization of gay marriage has proved to be so significant in advancing the economic status of a given country. Revenue collected from individuals practicing aid significantly in running vital programs in a country. The legalization of gay marriage also increases the rate of children adoption thus, reducing the number of street children.

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