BMW M6 Car Owner’s Personal Experience

I own a BMW M6 model, one of the finest pieces of machinery one can have the pleasure of experiencing. It is a late cousin of the first M6 released in 1983 in Europe and North America which became the darling of automobile enthusiasts of the era. With a “shark nose” styling and aggressive performance, it began to be featured in magazines as one of the fastest cars in America. The M6 that I drive is a late version that was released in 2005.

Since its debut in the Geneva Motor Show, the BMW M6 has proved to be an excellent choice for automobile enthusiasts. I remember how I first fell in love with the car. From the first sight, it caught my eyes like some picturesque mountain side view with the sparkling sheen of a clear water fall being emulated off of its hood. Drawing my hand over the radiant metallic paint of the vehicle brought memories of the soft wind blowing against my palm when I used to hold my hand out of the family car’s window and let the soft air feel its way through my fingers whenever we were out for a long drive.

The aroma of the leather interior was something like a fresh morning breeze in the garden bringing with it the lovely fragrance of dew dripping palm trees and moist grass. It was like a treat from nature and a look at the chocolate brown inner lining of the dashboard made my pallets swirl in delight at the thought of the creamy liquid engulfing my mouth. I wanted to taste it, take it inside and extract all the pleasure from it in one go.

As if the visual sensations were not enough, I was faced with more wonderful feeling when I put in the keys and revved up the powerful engine. The sweet noise that greeted my response was both charming and aggressive. It belied a fiery beast that was leashed inside the confines of that flawless exterior. The air intakes at the front gave the impression of massive power as if it were a panther, sleek and shiny on the outside, the stuff of legends and almost cuddly but able to snarl and claw its way through the toughest of bone, puffing in gigantic amounts of air.

My M6 also came as a convertible which was an added bonus. With one push of a button, the roof came off, revealing the gratifying interior to the outside world. It seemed a treat to the mere mortals that could now glance at the beauty that this sleek exterior embodied and allowed those at the side a chance to smile amidst the tough drudgery of their everyday working lives.

It was indeed a pleasure to just sit there and look at the car, admire it and once in a while turn it on and let it show what it was capable of. My M6 is a vehicle worthy of being wrapped up in a cocoon so as to keep it safe, allowing those still to come a chance to savor it as well. This is the car I own and drive and I wouldn’t pawn it for a fortune.

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