Cell Phones & Calling Plans in Linear Equations

The document explains how cell phones have become a part of our modern life, how various plans for cell phone usage can be depicted with linear equations making it easy to calculate the total cost based on cell phone usage. The document also provides two examples of linear equations.

A cell phone has become a vital part of modern life. It is no longer limited to emergencies when a cell phone could be used to bring help. Whether it is chitchatting with your friends, or asking for study notes, or fixing a doctor’s appointment, a cell phone comes handy and has become an essential part of life. At work, the cell phone is especially helpful when your job frequently requires you to be away from your desk. I use cell phone on a daily basis both in my personal as well as professional life.

Different companies provide different plans to suit the needs of various individuals. For someone who makes fewer calls, a flat rate plan could work while for others, a fixed rent with lower per call rates is more economical. These companies also provide freebies with their plans that include free talk time. With the help of a linear equation, each of these plans can be defined to find your bill amount at the end of the month based on the number of minutes you have used your cell phone services. With the help of such linear equations, one can also decide which plan would work better to suit their needs.

Let’s define x as the number of minutes of talk time and y as the cost of the same in dollars.

Consider a plan where the company charges a fixed rent of $30 every month and the rate for talk time is $1.5 for every 30 minutes of talk time or $1.5/30 = $0.05 per minute.

Since I use my phone for various purposes and my average usage varies between 10-15 hours, I know how much it would cost me at the end of the month and I plan out accordingly to ensure that I don’t exceed my budget.

In case I make fewer calls, I can go for a flat rate plan. Let’s say the company charges $3 for every 30 minutes talk time or $0.1 for every minute and no rent or fixed amount is required to be paid.


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