Chinese, Japanese, and US Language Socialization

China Preschool

In the essay firstly discuss about the use of language in china, Japan and US preschools. In china the preschools give important in language development is on articulation way, memorization and self-confidence in speaking and performing. The main characteristics of their lesson is signing and dancing. In the pre school the children learn by various moral stories and the children perform the stories by sing and dance both and alone. The other characteristics of the china preschools are they teach the student drawing on dragon. Every student draws their own dragon. The other characteristics of the china preschool that they teach the student in foreign methods but them never ignore or forget their culture.

Japan Preschool

At the dawn of life a child is sent to school for giving a shape to its future life. Schools are for socializing children. In a school they are prepared for a disciplined society. But the difference in teaching perspective of ideology proves that schooling is also for an emancipated society. Language is intertwined with different ideologies of the world and at the same time every ideology has its own set of principle and values. As the American society allows a range of cultural people on her ground a wide range of pre-school linguistic practices and ideology based disciplinary control prevails there. It is also the same case in China and Japan. The discipline and ideological practices in which the children grow mature shape their future. A student who is taught the Arabian cultural practices must hold a respect for his culture through the rest of his life. The difference in socializing exercises a permanent influence on the word selection of his speech.

In the Japan preschools the teacher teaches children such kinds of language that help them communicate with the social purpose. They are not emphasis in language development of self-expression. In Japan preschools language communication system is divided formal and informal both in and out of the preschools. The teacher teach them how they behave with the society and for this reason they priority on the sympathy, kindness and other virtue of humanity which need them to behave with others.

US Preschool

In American preschools they are emphasising on the children personality, independence, friendship and the way of problem solving. They mainly teach the students about the rule of free speech and expression. The main objective of their teaching is to set up children with self confidence so that the children can do any work without the help of other.

Compare and contrast the use of language and discipline in China, Japan and US preschools

The main difference of the Chinese preschools with the Japan and America preschools are the self possession and command of language of Chinese children who flawlessly deliver long, rehearsed speeches and belt out multi verse. The China and the Japan preschools student learn their lesson with singing and dancing but the American children learn their lesson by playing game. The China and the American preschools give emphasis on the communication skills and the Japan’s preschools do not priority on it but them priority ability in listening over speaking. The Japan’s preschool teachers teach the student about understanding, sympathy to others. The teachers of the Japan and the China preschools teach the language which is needed to the social purpose i.e. the social behaviour. But the American preschool system is different. They teach them individual and personal behaviour and for this reason the American teachers spend more time with the student to develop their own power. In China and the Japan most of the preschools teachers teach the student in their own language i.e. not in English language but the pictures of the animals of their books are mentions in English language. From this they easily know the English of the animal and the place.

How these practices socialize children in different ways

The maximum use of language and discipline in preschools are not the same in China, Japan, and U.S. In Japan the teachers are not priorities the student about the language and for this reason they are mostly weak in language and the communication system. The children of Japan are mostly strong about humanity virtue. The students of the Chinese preschools learned lesson with dancing because the Chinese are a cultural country. The other important thing drawing that the Chinese teachers teach the children and the Chinese student drawing the picture of dragon. By this practice the Chinese children socialize in their own culture. On the other hand the US teachers teach the student about the self-confidence, and self-freedom. They emphasis on the friendship language and how to make friendship with other and that is the characteristics of USA. In the study see that all the students in the preschool of china; Japan and the US are almost the same age but according to different practice the children are socialize in different ways and everybody adopt to their own culture.

Video games and its impact on socialization

In most cases imagination precedes implementation. If the imagination is accompanied by emotions such as the rapture of the conqueror, the pain of a loser and the empathy for fellowman, it remains no more as an imagination but turns into a part of one’s subconscious being. A video game does nothing but to provide a player with such conflicting emotions by which he is spelled to support his hero or in other cases to support himself as he is the real hero who plays just wearing the apparel of the virtual hero. According to the Impressionist school of philosophy at the earlier stage of a man the mind of a baby is like a slate on which expression exerts long lasting mark. So video game-based emotional experience that are rendered through a video game are of great importance.

Whoever the hero and whatever his ideology is, the prime concern of the player is to win from the hero’s perspective. It composes the scope for one to imagine from a perspective that is different from own culture. The sentiment of a contestant is stronger than the hold of the ideology on him. As a result the gist of a culture that seems to be alien for many of the player’s society very easily instilled into the player.

In virtual the role of a player is of an ‘all in all’. He possesses the power and to do everything whatever he wants. His role is, somewhat, of the Tarzan or a mighty king of ancient time. He feels quenched by the limitless authority and driven by the responsibility that the authority imposes upon him.

Impact of video game that is said to be the harvest of the thinkers’ unquenched dreams is resulting into creating a global culture by amalgamating various features of various cultures into one. So the children socialize with the own culture. The experience gathered by playing a popular video game is not only a mere experience but it is the subconscious adoption of the virtual hero’s perspective. The popular theme of the virtual hero ‘Gee’ allows its player to run the risk of life for his ailing sister to take her to the hospital. In the world of virtual game it is one of the most popular themes. Overcoming lot of obstacles if he wins the game, he gets her sister as a reward. It is clearly incestuous hints in the game. Any player who is not matured enough to get the hints is accustomed and habituated with the liberal environment that the west has been cherishing for a long time under the cover of individual freedom.

However there is another game, ‘Commandos’ that renders an anti-Nazi gist. Even the child of an ex-Nazi family will start to hate and prepare to hold an enthusiasm to the fight the Nazi members in the virtual world. In this game the player has to play the role of a commander who is to lead a group of commandos into the heart of Hitler’ camp. A child will be easily attracted by the heroism that is devised with this game. So it is certain that a boy or girl who will play the game will nourish a hatred for Hitler and his Nazi force.

The experiences gathered by playing video games exert a permanent influence on the children who are emotionally, at their earlier life while playing these games. The trend to playing video game generally exists in the childhood of a man. As a result the pleasure-game experience achieved in the earlier period hold a long lasting effect on their life. It is said that video game is the charm of the children. At this stage of life a boy generally become emotional. He is driven by emotional phenomena of life.

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