Coca-Cola: Company Analysis

Educational, social, psychological, and ethical qualities that Coca-Cola Company seeks in its employees

According to (Pendergrass, 2000 pp35-37), Coca-Cola company employees are supposed to be educated on how to handle customers so that they can attract potential customers and retain them in future. Integrity helps to promote good virtues where employees become trustworthy in areas where they are assigned duties. Employees need to be innovative so that they can come up with new ideas for improvement of company performance and be able to adapt to changes in technology and provide high quality goods and services to its customers. These therefore require employees to have attained education at college or university level where they study courses that are related to the jobs they are assigned to do in order for them to do them at their best ability.

Socially, employees should be in a position to communicate politely with the customers and encourage the customers to continue using the products from Coca-Cola Company. When problems arise, employees should be able to communicate with the management so that a solid solution can be established. In situations where customers became rude or arrogant, employees should be able to handle the customer in a polite manner and encourage customers to continue enjoying the products from Coca-Cola Company.

Psychologically, employees should be motivated to work hard all the time with minimal supervision. Even if there is constant change in the business environment, the morale to work hard should always be high so that productivity of the company is increased all the time. The leaders should do their duties effectively and ensure the employees who are under them are productive and termination of employment should be avoided so that the ones who are left are not discouraged from working hard. The employees should be responsible and work for the benefit of the company as a whole where they work hard all the time and make maximum use of time available for them to perform their duties. (Pendergrass, 2000 pp38-39)

The ethical qualities of employees at Coca-Cola Company code of conducting business require employees to be honest and disciplined. The associates of Coca-Cola Company follow the law so that the business they engage in is legal. Employees should ensure that the work environment is drug free so that violence is prevented and the company is able to be competitive all the time. Employees should have a program for anti-bribery in order to for the audit system to be free from corruption.

The Strategies Coca-Cola Company Takes to Ensure That It Hires and Retains the Type of Employee It Seeks

(Ghemawat, 1991 pp23-24) found that, Coca-Cola Company hires employees and ensures that it retains them through ensuring there is corporate environment in the entire enterprise. This is done by identifying the current goals and resources for meeting them to ensure the turnover of employees is low. Fluctuations in the workforce should be identified to know the people who can be developed in future to become leaders. Current and future managers are identified so that they can be promoted. Performance goals and incentives helps to identify people who are performing well so that they can be rewarded basing on their performance and their efforts rewarded. Specialized training in each department is done to key employees who need promotion and employees who would benefit from additional knowledge related to the job. Employees are encouraged to take extra course in the course of their employment so that they can improve their work experience in the areas where they are best talented and the company should be ready to finance employees who need such knowledge and offer the time to attend classes.

According to (Ghemawat, 1991 pp25-26), Fostering of ethical behavior and common value at Coca-Cola Company is done through, producing high quality products that satisfy the consumer’s needs. The products have standard mark of quality to ensure that it is safe for consumption and it can only be from Coca-Cola Company but not from other fake companies that may try to manufacture products under the brand name of Coca-Cola Company. The exact products produced by Coca-Cola Company are defined so that customers can be confident on the product they are purchasing and continue using it in future. A happy work force is encouraged to be responsible to the surrounding environment, deal with refreshing beverages and be good business partner responsible to its shareholder. Value helps to know the qualities that employees are supposed to have such as passion, ability to lead and accountability.

Draft of Contents of Advertisement Seeking To Hire Employee for a Management Position

  • Management position at Coca-Cola Company
  • A high performing company seeks to employ a person in the management position.
  • The ideal candidate will have a detailed orientation about the company and his/her duties.
  • Work experience: five to seven years
  • Career level: experienced in management
  • Education level: Bachelor
  • Job status: full time
  • Salary: from 50,000 to 60,000 USD per year.


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