Communication Process in Human Life


The process of communication skills development is a complicated one and covers the combination of social, cultural and ethical knowledge. Communication builds person’s ability to establish contact in the society, personal or business one. The effectiveness of communication work making is considered to be the background of successful interpersonal relationships in social, professional and academic life.


It is necessary to underline the fact that communicative process means messages sending from one person to another with the purpose of meaning creation; communication is fulfilled through basic language elements and verbal symbols. The learning of concepts and necessary skills development will contribute to the appropriate communication work making and help to reach success in personal and professional communicative aspects in future.

The sphere of business and communication are closely connected with each other. Future career development requires the knowledge of the principle business communication methods which are the following:

  • presentations (it is fulfilled through audiovisual material usage);
  • telephoned (distance communication skills);
  • reports (the knowledge of official language and documenting representation);
  • Face-to-face communicative method which reflects the elements of interpersonal communication skills level.

Business and communication skills function together at formal conferences and meetings. It is important to know the rules and concepts of official language, verbal and non-verbal. Business communication also covers various means of web-contact, such as on-line or e-mail communication; it requires the ability to formulate the messages in the correct form in order to provide effect on the person and make him understand one’s intention. These aspects knowledge are considered to be of great importance for successful business communication.

The knowledge of necessary communication skills and high level of their development will allow finding common language in personal relationships with others. There are basic steps to be made for effective communication process:

  • One should make the communicative message understandable;
  • It is important to perceive the intention of received message in a proper way;
  • One should control the communication flow.

The improvement of communication skills requires the ability of converting one’s energy into confidence and developing sensory alertness. It is important to be able to build rapport at a short period of time. Communicative process depends on the ability to control nervous energy and direct it in the most appropriate way during communication.

The knowledge of nonverbal communication can help to recognize the intention of interlocutor through his body language and facial expression. It should be stressed that this communication type is also expressed by means of paralanguage – intonation, stress and rhythm – being of great importance in everyday communication as well as business speeches. In most situations tone and speed of the speech play an important role providing the attitude and mood of the speaker; it is necessary to underline the fact that this very communication type gives an opportunity to express personal intention indirectly showing politeness and respect to the participants of communicative process. (Gamble, and Gamble, 2006)


The knowledge of communication work making will give an opportunity to reach success in future business and personal contacts through the appropriate communicative skills and ability to transfer personal intention to the mind of others. Communication process requires systematical development of the necessary skills in order to reach success in social and cultural interactions. Communication work is a lifelong process requiring careful study and mental trainings for the purpose of effective process fulfillment.


Gamble, T. and Gamble, M. Communication Works. 9th Edition. McGraw-Hill, 2006.

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