Computer and Its Parts


A computer is an electronic device that converts raw data into a meaning form; this definition is a very conventional definition. The introduction of computers in our life has made a significant difference, there is no doubt that computers have become an integral part of our lives but at the same time we have become excessively dependent on computers. This paper will explore what a computer is and this paper will also discuss the most important parts of a computer.

The Central Processing Unit

The CPU is arguably the most important and usually the most expensive part of a computer. It consists of several important parts like hard drive, motherboard, processor and other important parts. The hard drive stores data in the form of FAT or NTSC, many computers crash and behave erratically when there is excess of data in the hard drive, hence it should be made a point to keep at least 50% of free space in the Hard drive to ensure efficient working of the system. The mother board is another important part of the computer and it is also known as the system board or the main board. The motherboard is made up of several sockets where the microprocessors are installed to ensure the efficient working of the microprocessors. The main memory of the system is also installed in one of the slots in the motherboard. The motherboard is an imperative part of the CPU and it also enables various other functions like video, sound etc of a computer. Earlier there were huge computers that used to perform very few actions but as we have gone on, we have seen a dramatic change in the size of computers, these days we have palmtops, laptops and what not, that are capable of doing at least 1000 more functions that those huge sized computers managed to do way back.

The VDU is another pivotal part of a computer; it stands for visual display unit. It is the monitor of a computer that is known as the visual display unit. It is responsible for the display of data converted by the CPU. VDU and the CPU are interdependent; VDU is of very little use without the CPU and vice-versa. There are several input and output devices that can be connected to a computer. These devices are connected depending on the purpose, for instance if the purpose is leisure, a joystick can be connected to the computer and several games can be played. If a computer is used in an office, several devices like scanners, printers can be connected a computer. There are several processionals who cannot work without a computer. For instance, people who are photographers and deliver instant photos are excessively dependent on computers; software developers are also excessively dependent on computers. Several major stock exchanges like NASDAQ of the US, SENSEX of India etc cannot function without computers even for a single second and this again goes to show our excessive dependence on computers. Computers can also be misused for cyber crimes like hacking and other crimes. To conclude it is very fair to say that computer is a double edged weapon that can backfire if not used properly and hence keeping this factor in our minds, it becomes imperative to make proper use of computers.

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