Computerized Management Systems Influence in the Quality of Care


A number of changes have taken place in the current management system of health institutions. A significant amongst them is the computerized management system. This type of management system is pegged primarily on using the computer or an electronic source to store data of patients, and this aids in strategic control, and access of information. The central aim of writing this report is to aid in airing the views that nurses hold on the idea aforementioned regarding technology. The paper discusses computerized management systems, and how they could aid in increasing the quality of care.


Using a computerized management system is something that cannot be ignored since it aids in improving the overall value of care of the health institution. It is quite important to ensure that the nurses are involved in the planning, choice, and implementation of the systems that would be discussed in this report. This is because the nurses are the people who are usually at the ground when it comes to laying down the ideas, and additionally, they have a number of concepts that lead to the healthier implementation of health proposals. The computerized management systems that should be utilized are the hand-held devices that are used by the nurses. The devices can be utilized in the management system to improve the quality of care. The two technologies in focus are the Handspring Visor, and the Palm Pilots. Firstly, the devices are efficient in entering vital information and monitoring the signs of the patient while still at the bedside (Phillips, 2003, p. 3). This is a quick and efficient way of monitoring the patient and passing information as opposed to earlier ways. Consequently, the devices can be incorporated into the management system through a systematic analysis in which even the doctors are taught the need and the importance of using the device prior to the implementation. This would aid in making the management system more efficient, and help in coming out with a rapid response for the management to ensure that the patient’s health is never put at risk. The other advantage that makes the incorporation quite important is that the device aids the nurses in looking at the patient records without necessarily leaving his or her bedside. This is termed as a double advantage. It is imperative to come out with a system through which the nurses and doctors can monitor the patient’s records with ease. Through the systematic incorporation via boardroom meetings, the technologies can be input into the management system in a gradual foundation that will lead to the overall incorporation by the hospital management.

The other advantage that will be input into the management system is the data storage of the patients in a computer. This storage is quite important since it aids in enabling fast, and easy access to the patient’s information is quiet important whenever there is a critical issue. The technology can be input into the whole management system with a systematic phase as aforementioned in which each branch of the office is taught of the need of computerizing the data of the patient for ease of access, and for emergencies. Through the process, the doctors will be taught how they will be able to come out with a plan that would help in monitoring the patient’s records at a press of a button as opposed to rummaging through tons of paper just to get it. This ease of access would aid in offloading the documents in the hospital is quite important in the management system. The security of the data and patient confidentiality will be maintained since through computerizing the information, the doctors, in collaboration with the nurses will be able to come out with a password that would only be shared amongst them. Therefore, there would be no outside meddling since in order to access the information an individual will need to produce his or her ID, and the password (Nurses-neighborhood, 2008, p. 3). Data storage integrity is quite important in this regard since the information that would be input would require a whole load of the corporation in such a way that the corporation of the doctors and nurses would be valued equally. The two professionals would therefore need to keep the oath of confidentiality. The data that would be input into the computer will further have a backup procedure through which the information would be stored in a separate location. This is to ensure that just in case the information is lost or mishandled, there would be a recovery procedure. This important thing makes the use of the new technology quite efficient and necessary. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements are that there is the security of the patients’ health data, and that is a positive aspect since with technology, the law protects the records of the patients (Bower, 2005, p. 89).

The new systems would also aid in reducing healthcare costs since there would be less space that would be needed when storage of information is concerned. This then means that the extra staff that is required to store the information would not be needed, and that translates to lower costs that in the end helps in lowering the healthcare costs by institutions derived from lower running costs. The new technology systems are quite important since they would aid in coming put with a procedure through which the health of the patients would be secured since the doctors would always be on time whenever there is an emergency (Spekowius & Wendler, 2006, p. 406). The two professionals would further have all the information of the patient concerning the records in just a matter of seconds, and that is quite important. The hospital should purchase Palm pilots that are cost-effective, and efficient in data storage for the hospital.


In conclusion, just like technology, nurses are also important in the health system since they are connected with the daily monitoring of the patients’ recovery stages. Moreover, when it comes to the computerized systems, the views of the nurses are quite important since they have a lot of ideas as to which medical instruments are important, and costs effective. The choice of technology is usually dependent on the cost, and security. In health institutions, the security of the patient’s medical records is important Therefore, there is doctor-patient confidentiality, and that is the part where the new technology keenly focuses. Hence, it is imperative to come out with a plan that is cost-effective in the end focusing on what the patients will pay, and that will mean that the plan that will be used will be considered.


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