Computers Must Be Used Responsibly

Technology and computers have become an indispensable aspect of human lives and are a boon to the current generation and population. Computers have become an important source of information and communication in today’s world. They not provide access to innumerable sources of information, but also are a primary means of communication. However, like any other resource, computers too must be used responsibly and wisely. The power of the internet to communicate is immense and people can share information, news and even jokes with their friends and acquaintances. But, it should be remembered that sharing of jokes, through the computer or any other medium of technology should also be done in a responsible manner.

Computers must be used appropriately while sharing any type of information and people should not begin to use this technology without prior consideration. It is essential for all individuals to think appropriately before acting so that they can reflect whether the use of the computer to share information and jokes would be of any harm to others or not. It is extremely important to reflect upon any data or information which could be shared on the net so that no one is offended. Many a times, people simply “forward” jokes and other information from their mails to several friends by using the “send to all” option on the computer which should be avoided at all times, for in such cases the action cannot be reverted, and when individual/s are offended, the proof is in writing and nothing can be done to revert the consequences. Thus, while sending mails or sharing jokes or any other matter with friends and peers, it is essential to first consider whether the material could upset someone or hurt the sentiments and emotions of any individual who may be reading it.

People, especially the younger lot must understand that the power of communication technology is immense. Computers are made to connect people to one another by removing any barriers of time, place, caste, creed or sex. People all the world over are now connected through one medium which makes computers an extremely powerful tool to whoever is suing it. But, “with great power comes great responsibility” and power should be handled with care to benefit, help and enable people to come closer to one another, rather than offend individuals and cause harm and pain to them. It is the responsibility of all those who use technology to work towards a better world by spreading the message of love and understanding through an exchange of thoughts, ideas and beliefs which will foster brotherhood and harmony as compared to offense, pain and hatred.

Users of computers and modern technology must ensure its use with responsibility so that they use it to benefit themselves and other using this medium through the spread of knowledge and understanding. They should remove any existing barriers or prejudices by opening the lines of communication rather than shutting them through hurt, pain and misery caused due to irresponsible use. Computers are a boon in today’s life and it is the duty of all users to make the most of this boon to enhance life by spreading the message of love, rather than causing pain and anguish through its irresponsible use. Computers are simply great and must be used responsibly. Period.

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