Flip-Flops Firm’s Marketing Communication Strategy


  • Ensure 75% of our target market is aware of our offering within a period of 10 months.
  • Ensure that within 12 months, 60% of our customers prefer our product to other brands in the market.
  • Ensure that 80% of our core customers are retained in our business and understand that our product always satisfy their individualized needs i.e. quality, shape, colour, weight, and material.

Promotion mix

Marketing communication mix combines an assortment of promotion tools to communicate effectively with target customers. Bearing this in mind, our company will utilize both push and pull promotion mix strategies. In the push strategy, we shall mobilize a sales force that will ensure that the target customers are aware of our product. At the same time, our company will conduct trade promotion intended to inform channel members of our offering and to educate customers on the nature of our product. Consequently, the channel members will promote our product to final consumers. Cognizant of the fact that we are offering an elastic product, it is imperative to inform customers of competitive edge that our product presents.

When utilizing pull strategy, rigorous advertising on social media and our website will be conducted. The advertising will make use of attractive graphics and details that will furnish the customer with diverse information on our product. In our various outlets, we intend display attractive graphics of our product in order to attract the customers to our stores. The stores will also feature products that are selling at a discount. To retain our customer base, direct marketing will be conducted by staying in touch with customers through e-mail, fax, telephone, and other several other forms of electronic communication. This approach recognizes that online means of purchase is rapidly expanding in the current business world.

Effective communication: case of advertising

The target audience in our case includes online customers, internet users, and those who visit various websites for purposes of making a purchase.


To inform the target customers of the product we are offering in the market, characteristic of the product, and competitive nature of our product. It is also through online advertising that customers would gain an understanding of availability of custom-made sandals.

Message design

The message is designed to arouse emotional appeal. Our website will display attractive graphics of various products in order to capture attention of target customers. It is well known that girls and women pay attention to colour, design, weight, and other features. In response to this orientation, our advertisement will be very informative i.e. avail all necessary details. The graphical display of our product will have the corresponding price highlighted just beside the product. The goal of designing our advertisement in such a manner is to motivate price sensitive customers to buy a product. Moreover, our website will be very interactive so that customers can obtain an immediate feedback on their questions.


Technological advancement has attracted customers to purchase goods online. Currently, people can purchase various goods including cars and groceries. Cognizant of this fact, we will execute our advertisement majorly through our website. In an attempt to reach a younger generation of target customers, our advertisement will feature in social media including facebook.

Message source

The advertisement message will be displayed directly on our website, a credible source. Besides, contact details will be available to a customer who wants to make own inquiries.

Collecting feedback

Aside from FAQ side, customers can send their concerns to the company directly through our interactive website. It is essential to note that customers will be requested to leave their details for future correspondence i.e. to inform them of promotional sale.

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