Future Status of English

Language is the main means of communication. People understand each other, express their thoughts and emotions, exchange the information with the help of language. There are a lot of different languages in the world. Different nationalities have their own languages. The tradition to know more that one language appeared many years ago. People wanted to know more languages in order to understand the other culture, to communicate with people from foreign countries. Some years ago English became the international language, and now the future status of English as the global language is assured. Confirming the fact that English became a global language, we should think about the widespread of this language.

Internet is the World Wide Web which unites people all over the world. Every country has its own sites in its language, but still the language of the Internet is English. The most popular and trusted sites are English ones. To the topic of Internet, almost all modern browsers and programs appear in English, the descriptions of these programs are in English, and only then they are translated into other languages.

English speaking countries, such as the USA and Great Britain are very valuable in the world economy and politics. And this is the reason for English widespread. People have used that business world (we are talking about serious companies, not small one) provides its affairs in English. Different contracts and negotiations are in English. It became fashionable and profitable to sign contracts with English speaking countries, as they provide very stable economies. From the political point of view, European Union, NATO and other international unities have the impact from English speaking countries, so it is the reason for English language insert in the politics.

English is the language of science. The world of science is full of different terminology, and one common language is very important for scientists. A lot of projects are international, some of them secret and to use interpreters could be very inconvenient. People all over the world want to study in American Universities and colleges to receive a good education. To the point, English language develops faster that any other language in the world.

All these named factors are the main in English language globalization. The process of English language occupation began many years ago, ant it will be very difficult to change it on the other. And there is no need for this. People can communicate easily just knowing one foreign language, English. Going to Japan, Russia, or France as a tourist, there is no need to learn all these languages as airports’ and hotels’ personnel know English and will help in any question.

English has already become the global language and people think it is very convenient. The reasons for English to be the global language are different. The number of words which are used every day much bigger than in German or France for example. The peculiarities of English grammar played its role, as it is easier that in some other languages.

So, there are a lot of reasons, why English language became global: that it political, linguistic, economical, historical, and many others, but it is impossible to quarrel that it is very convenient. The computerization of the world has brought the other sphere of English widespread, so it is going to be very difficult to refuse from it. Education, science, business are the spheres where English language is the main, and it will remain such till the great global coup, in which America or United Kingdom may lose its influence, but it seems impossible because of the grandeur and power of these countries. So, the future status of English as the global language is assured.

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