Granville N Toogood on Articulate Executive

The book by Granville N Toogood The Articulate Executive – Learn to Look, Act and Sound Like a Leader is a great manifestation of wisdom so needful for public speeches and simple habits for communicating on a very high level. The manner of representation is quite comprehensive for an ordinary reader and needs further evaluation in practice due to routine implementation of principles stated in the book.

First of all, before reading the book it is useful to point out the experience of its author. Granville N Toogood gained success in capacity of a communications expert and consultant to more than 50 CEO. The talent of the writer resulted in his gradual successful promotion and in writing of this very book, as a source and guide for sharing knowledge and a piece of experience which was obtained by Toogood during a long period of dos and dons which appeared in his life.

Nevertheless, the structure of the book is divided into three main constituents that reflect the essence of a speech itself, its realization by a speaker and its comprehension within the audience. The author straightforwardly gives the algorithm which is so significant for every one who has followed the path of a speaker and leader on the whole. Thus, Toogood outlines: “To deal with change, you’ve got to communicate – and to communicate, you’ve got to think.” (xii) This truth is felt throughout the whole book, but the main attention is grabbed due to three reciprocally connected approaches, namely: 1) the recognition and awareness of the audience; 2) structural peculiarities and a help of additional aids in achieving of audience’s attention; 3) image and sustainability of a speaker when being under pressing.

The book also urges to gain more productivity due to the general probation of above-mentioned parameters. One of the most important factors which directly evaluate the effect of a speech on the audience is, undoubtedly, the reputation and popularity of an author within masses and definite communities of people. It is presupposed, as the writer notes, with the amount of responsibility that was projected by a leader in his relationships with subordinates. The point of mastership can be gained by means of simple adherence toward instructions the author expresses in the term of new architecture. The expressiveness itself Toogood considers being one of the most eminent and supported tools while speeding up the mechanism of total understanding of the audience with proper feedbacks maintained in practice. The logical representation of thoughts written by the author in his book is built on the base of logical chains implemented in algorithms and syllogisms which tend to better comprehend the idea of the book.

What is more, the author encompasses the whole specter of a man’s interests considered with vital spheres of life outlining, first of all, the field of business and politics. The author also points out the necessity of primordial personal realization of an individual as of his/ her potential for being a leader by means of concrete deeds, such as manners, language, attitudes. This, as the author states, leads to gaining appropriate benefits resulted further in, above all, personal acknowledgment of people. All in all, the book is good in the succession of reaching the main idea of it, namely: effective and productive leadership from the side of those who once decided to choose this way of social relations.

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