Helping African American Children Self-Manage Asthma


The method used in collecting information in the study entailed the use of datasheets. The information was gathered in a statistically appropriate manner by employing techniques such as the asthma inventory for children (AIC) and asthma belief study (ABS). These inventories provided enough data to be analyzed in the study.

The above procedure was based on a standard acceptable to the medical study method. There were no risky parts of the study since the control population was expected to continue with their normal asthma management techniques.

The results displayed by this study were broad-based. The study provided results based on information gathered from the survey and the questionnaires. The results were statistically satisfactory. Moreover, the results obtained were substantial in providing the much-needed information for analyzing the topic being studied. The use of a control sample offered an appropriate comparison. It also made the results easy to interpret. The size of the sample and the data collection points were statistically appropriate for the study. However, the size of the population was slightly low for a medical research study. The design used in the study ensured minimum biases when interpreting the results. The use of the AIC and ABS of data collection ensured that a well-informed judgment could be obtained from the study.

The sample population was also fully described in the study since the details provided were adequate. Information based on age, gender, and race have been provided. This information is adequate in identifying and classifying the population. The sample design was efficient since the investigators directly dealt with the targeted groups. The children were helped in cases where they did not understand the questions. Sampling biases were significantly minimized by applying a two-point sample collection method. The sample size was statistically sufficient. The latter was based on the size of the African American children in the city. The size was however not sufficient for medical research studies.

The theoretical framework of the study was well operationalized. The use of variables such as interviews, questionnaires, and literature review provided a firm background for an effective argument. The study instrument was well defined besides providing appropriate measurements. The study specifically targeted the young African American population in the city. The inclusion of case studies where the method had been previously applied strengthened the credibility of the study.

The procedure used in the study was effective for all the sample populations that participated in the study.


The research question was well addressed by the analysis. This was possible since the method used in collecting the data was appropriate. The type I and type II errors were minimized by applying various data analyses methods.

All the statistical data was presented in the findings. The statistical significance of the results was well illustrated. The use of the table offered a vivid way of summarizing the findings.


The discussions of the findings are based on the research question. The inclusion of the application of the procedure in the management of all chronic infections is the main deviation noticed in the research study. Moreover, the implications of the study are well illustrated in the study. The research proposes that further studies that entail larger samples should be conducted in the future.

Global Issues

The report was well written. The information in the study was fully explained and easy to retrieve. The credibility of the research is within the acceptable clinical standards. In addition, the research highlights the possible weaknesses of the study that the audience should take note of. The study findings are valid and extremely useful in the field of nursing. If the recommendations of the study are adopted, asthma prevalence will reduce significantly.

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