How Amazon Can Use of It in Overcoming Security Breaches

A lot of organizations are recommended for the observance of data and resource protection from the illegal activities of hackers, accidental human errors, and errors associated with computer faults. The organizations ensure that they have used all applicable measures in reducing the chances of data loss or damage. The measures taken by the organizations include the establishment of amicable policies that govern computer users. This paper outlines various steps, taken by Amazon Company in overcoming security breaches.

Amazon is one of the companies which is well known for its use of cloud computing methods in enabling its customers to carry out diverse transactions online. However, the issues, concerning security within the cloud computing system have been Amazon’s worry for a long time because of the common knowledge among people that the level of security lowers with the increase in users, sharing a common public link. To solve this, Amazon provides appropriate online channels that respond to issues raised by customers. For instance, Amazon’s use of S3 enables customers to express their views.

Amazon has also installed backups for the storage of data, it stores information stored in Amazon S3, Amazon Simple DB, and Amazon EBS in physical backups. The backups provide required lost data in case of a problem with the three disciplines of Amazon. It also provides multiple levels of security within Amazon EC2. It achieves these by providing security to the host operating system, guest operating system, and signed API calls. Amazon also provides a strong firewall that limits online access and downloads. The aim of Amazon providing security in this format is to ensure that data within Amazon EC2 is not interrupted by non-authorized users, and the elements of Amazon EC2 are secure (Schneider, 67).

Amazon EC2 uses hypervisor technology in lowering the traditional IT challenges that many companies faced. According to the research carried by Amazon, the guests find it easy to use hypervisor in carrying out their daily activities, and at the same time, Amazon utilizes hypervisors in granting their guests access to the operating system without contacting their CPU. The use of hypervisor plays a great role in separating the guest’s CPU from the Amazon control centre, hence enhancing the total protection of the guest’s data from any interference. Programs running in one machine are also separated by the hypervisor. Moreover, within the hypervisor layer, there is a firewall laid that separates the physical line from the virtual one. All packets of data that pass through this layer are handled separately as physical hosts, hence barring the chances of mixing or exposure of customers’ data to other users.

Amazon also overcomes traditional network problems through the implementation of diverse elements. The methods implemented by Amazon include the use of Distributed Denial of Service method that carries the role of limiting network connectivity. In sum, Amazon utilizes SYN cookies in regulating connectivity. Amazon EC2 is also barred from sending traffic with IP or MAC addresses that have no association with Amazon (Gilliam, 89). Additionally, Amazon bars customers from scanning their ports, hence succeeding in ensuring the protection of customers’ data.

Any incident associated with the loss of customers’ information may tarnish Amazon’s reputation; the loss may also result in customers losing trust in Amazon. Besides, the loss of customers’ information may lead to some customers withdrawing themselves from the Amazon Company. Additionally, the loss of the customer’s information may also lead to Amazon using a lot of money in restoring its security and amending its reputation.

Amazon e-business model

Currently, the internet provides a platform for the advancement of opportunities for ventures who wish to expound their entrepreneurship ideas in the field of market and other business activities. Amazon is an example of an e-business company. It reaches a diverse group of people worldwide via its utilization of smart business practices. Amazon started as a small cybercafé, advanced, and became a business enterprise that deals with billions of dollars. Its success can be related to its innovativeness, smartness, and quickness in reacting to changing consumer interests.

Amazon is the largest online vendor in America. Its revenues are almost tripled from what its immediate competitors get. It serves worldwide in diverse languages, that is, it can be accessed by the Chinese, the French, the Germans, the Japanese, and the majority of persons who speak, read, and write in English. Amazon responds to over 600 million visitors annually due to its recommendable brand and consistency (Canzer, 77).

Amazon started as a bookstore, which helped them secure many titles and reach many people. Its choice of going online advantaged it greatly, it managed to reach many customers enhancing its rapid growth. Currently, Amazon is a retailer of jewelry, hardware, clothing, and many other products. The expansion of Amazon into other markets has contributed immensely to its increase in market shares and profits.

Amazon’s success is also based on its consistent focus on its customers. Furthermore, Amazon’s continuity in adhering to fast response and accurate deliverance of information and products to the customers enhanced its appealing success. stores are also known for taking part in selling goods and services via the e-shop method. Its provision of e-shop trading method contributes immensely to the continuity in the advancement of Amazon Company worldwide.

In the provision of its services, Amazon also introduced “one click” patent to enhance its customer’s purchase of what they want without difficulties online. The “One-click” patent is one of the reasons why Amazon Company has advanced more than its close competitors. Amazon has also a competitive advantage; for long it has maintained the low price of its products, enhancing it to remain as the best e-business Company (Dull et al, 101). The success of Amazon is also based on its management flexibility; Amazon competes positively with its competitors by advancing its advertisements and responding quickly to its customer’s demands.

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