How Important for People Is the Water Right?

It is my opinion that access to clean water and sanitation is a basic universal need and a basic human right. This will help to provide even the poor people, who cannot afford to buy water, with clean water and proper sanitation. If this human right is recognized than, everyone will receive non-prejudiced and sufficient access to sanitation and water necessary for peace, dignity and equality among all. Right to water also takes care of people’s hygiene and sanitation ensuring their proper functioning and healthy life. I also believe that this will help people in recognizing water as an important commodity required for maintaining a significant economic development and people will use water in a rational and efficient manner upholding its economic value. The right to sanitation is necessary so that people can access decent sanitation facilities essential for their privacy and dignity. I also think that this human right will in turn help to protect the quality of the resources and supplies of our drinking water. This human right is mainly necessary for the people who live in deprived and rural areas and mostly the children and women. Our population is increasing at a fast rate inversely affecting our fresh water resources. Thus, until and unless water and sanitation are made a basic human right this problem cannot be solved. Some of the nations think that by granting this universal human right will somewhat force them into having to share their clean water supplies with other countries, which some of them, like China, cannot afford to.

More than a billion people on this planet do not have access to clean drinking water and the situation can worsen if the present patterns of consumption of water are not improved. It is my opinion that clean drinking water and sanitation should have a minimal price, which even the poorest will be able and willing to pay. This will ensure that they receive better quality drinking water and efficient sanitation facilities since the costs of the services will be recovered. Thus, both the private and public sectors responsible for providing clean water and sanitation will be able to recover their expenses and guarantee the people their right to clean water and sanitation. I think that the right to enjoy clean water and sanitation does not imply that people should be provided these facilities free but it insures that they get it at an affordable price. This is because only if people learn to value water and their health will they be able to save water by adopting thrifty and careful practices realizing the value of water. If a price is levied on clean water then people will use it properly without wasting it. If it is given to them free then they will not accept it with the intention of using it properly. We have to value water for the benefit of the public and for our cultural and social betterment and not simply as a commodity. If people are made to pay a small price for the water they use, they will not take the service for granted and will use it. Thus, I feel that whether provided publicly or privately, clean water, sanitation will help poor, and disadvantaged people live a healthy life for a very small price.

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