Information Systems for Business and Beyond


There is now use denying the fact that development of digital technologies influences all spheres of human activity. Business is not exception. Being very important for society, it develops along with it and influences evolution of other issues. That is why, within the framework of digital revolution, business suggests new demands to devices and soft and in this way influences development of information systems.

Better Business communication

New information systems can help to improve communication with customers

Development of technologies should be aimed at improvement of the sphere of communication. That is why, introduction of new information systems has the purpose to align better understanding of the main needs of customers. For example, Customer Relationship Management Systems can help to increase efficiency of the work with them.

New kinds of IS help to make the work of stuff beneficial

Interaction between workers is vital for the functioning of a company. That is why, main efforts are usually devoted to organization of this process. Application of IS can make it easier. Companies, which nowadays use different kinds of IS for organization of interaction between different managers tend to be more efficient.

Information systems make the process of choosing a service easier

Success of any company depends on its ability to provide services to customers in the way which is the most convenient for them. That is why, these systems become vital. For example, Transaction Processing System (TPS) can be used for ticket booking as it can help a customer to save his/her time.

TPS can help a company to establish better relations with customers

Implementation of TPS makes the process of choice easier. This fact, in its turn, can lead to the creation of the good image of a company in customers’ mind. Fast work of this service can lead to the further development of communication between a company and its customers.

Usage of information systems can help to make interaction with partners easier

For example, application of the latest information systems can lead to the increase of speed of data exchange between different companies which, in its turn, leads to the improvement of the state of a company.

Information systems can make interaction between banks and companies easier

Traditionally, the work with finance was very complicated issue because of a great number of small details which should be taken into account. However, new information systems are able to process data to high precision. That is why, there are many examples when companies apply IS to the sphere of finances

Technologies make communication with potential customers easier

Any company not only works with existing customers, though it tries to attract new ones. That is why, different kinds of information systems are used in this sphere. For instance, systems which process data connected with customers preferences can make the issue of customers feedback more efficient

Modern businessmen prefer to work with new technologies

The image of a company is very important for its success. Company, which uses different information systems in its work, has more chances to become popular and establish relations with customers and partners.

Significant Increase of Efficiency

Modern information systems promote better functioning of a company

Development of systems of this sort can not be ignored by business as it leads to the appearance of new possibilities and ways in which a company can function. To supply this statement with clear evidence it should be said that nowadays there are no beneficial companies which do not use technologies in their work.

Information systems help to make clear predictions

It is vital for a company to investigate different factors which could influence functioning of a company. Sometimes, this sort of analysis can be rather complicated. However, modern technologies can make it easier. For example, Oracle service nowadays helps people to change their business and predict its development.

Automation of the process makes a company more beneficial

The less efforts are made for production or distribution of some good or service, the more efficient and beneficial becomes a company. With this in mind, it is obvious that modern business cannot refuse usage of digital technologies. For instance, AIS can make the work of a company less recourse-intensive and devote them to other issues

Information system can innovate the business

It is also evident that application of some new and not traditional ways to run a business can result in significant increase of the level of efficiency of a company. Nowadays more and more companies take implementation of new technologies as such way. For example, usage of some creative techniques like SCAMPER can result in appearance of new approaches to work

Better information analysis and storage help to be more flexible

Modern technologies also provide faster access to some data which is needed at the moment. That is why, any company nowadays uses it. There are many systems of this kind starting with traditional MS Access and ending which specialized ones which are used.

Information Systems can help with making decisions

Success of any company depends on the ability of its officials to take into account great number of different factors, which influence its functioning, and make right decision. However, it is rather complicated process which needs good analytical skills. That is why, information systems can be used there. For example, they can process data form Reuters or Bloomberg and suggest the best solution

Accuracy of business process can be increased

Computers process data much better and faster than people. Additionally, the error rate is minimal. That is why , different information systems can help in different business processes. For example, they can be used to deal with repetitive tasks and increase their accuracy while officials can concentrate on other issues.

Increase of the level of incomes can be achieved

The final result of all actions, aimed at implementation of information systems in the work of an organization, can be significant increase of the level of incomes because of the high efficiency of the process.

Future of the business world

Interaction between companies which use these systems is more efficient

It is evident that for a company it is easier to work with a partner which has the same approaches to some processes. That is why, information systems are widely used nowadays.

Further development of technologies will increase efficiency of existing ones

It is obvious that these kind of systems will develop and obtain new features which can help business in the future. That is why, a company, which now applies modern technologies, will have some benefits.

New methods of work are dependent on technologies

Companies try to use the most efficient remedies in their work. That is why the usage of systems based on digital technologies is quite logic. Development of customers data bases can be taken as a good example because nowadays it is an important part of any company.

Widespread of BIS promotes increase of efficiency

More and more companies use Business Intelligent Systems which guarantee their successes. Great number of international companies like KFC and Apple can be taken as the example of usage of this systems

Knowledge management systems help to educate workers

These systems share the most important knowledge between all members of organization. That is why, they are very important. For example, every company spends much money on education of its workers. KMS can help to do it faster and cheaper (“Information Systems for Business Functionspara. 5).

Standardization of the functioning of a company

Different companies have various standards. It prevents their efficient cooperation. In future, these differences should be destroyed. That is why, KMS, TPS and some other systems should be used as they help to make the work of a company more standardize

New kinds of activities are impossible without the usage of information systems

Scientific progress is unstoppable and new inventions are based on the old ones. For example, modern operational systems are based on the first and primitive ones, though their functioning is possible due to these first systems. That is why, new technologies should be applied.

Modern companies shift their priorities and prefer usage of these technologies

For instance, the number of companies, which use information systems in their work, increased significantly in the last decade (Bourgeois 26). That is why, it is possible to predict their development.


Having analyzed the issue, it is possible to make a certain conclusion. It is obvious that modern business depends on technologies as they help it to become more efficient and beneficial, adding improvements to all its spheres. That is why, business invests heavily on development of information systems.

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