Marketing Plan: Help Desk Service


The company for which I will develop a marketing plan is a Help Desk Service that repairs office computers.

Purpose of the Marketing Plan

The main reason why I am creating this marketing plan is to outline the strategies and tactics of my company. A plan helps to direct a business owner through each step of setting up and developing an enterprise. The plan makes it possible to organize all the steps and details of the future company(Ferrell, & Hartline, 2014). It allows the manager to concentrate on the details of the business and its current state. Also, a marketing plan helps to identify the target market by evaluating the most likely customers for the services or goods provided by the company. A rather crucial element of the plan is calculating the company’s budget. While it may take some time to create, a marketing plan is an invaluable part of any business’ success. It is necessary to approach the question of making a plan thoroughly and constantly update it based on the innovations and feedback from the customers.

Organization Mission Statement

The mission statement is the company’s opportunity to define its culture and goals (Ferrell, & Hartline, 2014). I will include the following aspects in my organization’s mission statement:

  • providing the best quality of services for each customer;
  • organizing the most favorable working environment for the employees;
  • conforming to the rules of sustainable development and environmental protection;
  • taking care of high customer satisfaction;
  • developing the organization constantly to correspond to the highest clients’ expectations.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage of our company is constituted by several factors. First of all, we suggest quick service due to having modern equipment and well-trained employees. Secondly, we offer comfortable waiting zone as opposed to our competitor’s usually small offices with no convenient place to wait to be served. Thirdly, we offer bonuses for the clients who recommend our services to their friends and acquaintances. Every customer who refers us will receive a 10-percent discount for the next service.

Marketing Plan Part B: Situational Analysis using SWOT

Situational analysis is employed by the company manager in order to evaluate the company’s strong and weak sides. SWOT analysis incorporates investigating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the organization (Grünig & Kühn, 2015). The following elements of SWOT analysis are identified for our organization.


  • our company is small, which is rather suitable for individual clients and small organizations;
  • our company suggests bonuses to loyal customers, which is a great promotional approach;
  • we have modern equipment and suggest quick services so that the customers do not have to waste their time waiting.


  • because the company is small, we cannot compete with large organizations, and thus we lose potential clients;
  • because of the bonus we promise to the customers, we lose a considerable part of income;
  • the company is new and not widely known to the potential customer, so we have to dedicate time and efforts to advertising.


  • we can open a few branches after some time and thus make our organization more stable at the market;
  • we can suggest some new services and thus gain customers’ trust and loyalty;
  • when we gain a good reputation and stable income, we will be able to open a big office and have several minor branches.


  • bigger competitors may close the way to clients to us if we are not persistent and hardworking enough;
  • if we do not sign contracts with large organizations, we might not get sufficient attention and acknowledgment in the area;
  • companies that provide services similar to ours may try to use some black public relations technologies to make us lose the reputation.


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