McMinn’s Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling


The book by author Mark R. McMinn Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, published in 1996 by Tyndale House, is a versatile instructive guide for every ordinary counselor and people dealing with Christian approaches towards the healthcare sphere.

The most significant point in this book is dedicated to the new approaches in using biblical principles within the medical practice. The author strives to show the divine dedication of counseling for the psychological and psychiatric purposes. The book is an additional stimulus for the counselors to bring God’s benefactors of prayer, forgiveness, goodness, patience and other, so that to maintain better efficiency of Good News among current patients in hospitals.

The author gradually points out the steps according to which a counselor should adhere. ‘Religion in the Counseling Office’ describes the importance of practicing what Jesus taught in order to make more strengths on the inner spiritual state of counselors being as courageous and responsible for people they are applied to, as much strong in faith they seem in the counseling office. This thought is attached in order to make counselors spiritually sensitive and able to encompass all that God’s Word tells to do for every Christian.

Spiritually sensitive counseling, as the author states, urges to keep people responsible for counseling from negative manifestation of character’s traits, such as evil, hatred, envy etc. Personal availability to bring God’s warmth and love is a standpoint according to this main goal of the book. The significant factors of this book are identification and redemptive worldview. The extent of professionalism and perpetual training results in the author’s thought of niceness and righteousness of counselors.

McMinn also gives a reader parallel between the psychological and spiritual health. The fact is that they are in counterbalance and have straightforward impact on each other. The rest of notions, namely prayer, scripture, sin, confession, forgiveness, redemption are the keys or tools due to implementation of which the positive results from the counseling work can be achieved. Psychological understanding of the Christian methods of healing and making people self-confident and positively-aimed at the recovery process go together in the book, so that to enter brightening into the concepts of Christianity.

The author tends to clarify intradisciplinary integration of both spheres of knowledge as well. By this attempt he points out two disciplinary fields of activity in terms of their interactive connection. The author gives a reader more possibilities in this book to feel and realize the importance of Christian mission for healthcare by means of direct arguments along with universally accepted truth.

Concrete responses

With regards to my everyday life experience I know that the good prospects of people are needful for the society and hospitals, in particular. In each period of historical development human beings needed the responsible and devotion to the goodness and love which God projects men. The book once more showed me the significance of Christianity principles for those who are willing and experiencing physical, emotional, moral or spiritual martyrdom.

Moreover, such therapy centered on faith and Christian postulates are vital in terms of its ability to save people. For example, in Andalucia in official medical establishments people for a long period from now had started to practice Christ-centered therapy of a group of counselors while curing homeopathy. (Loconte 15) The reason is that people have no choice to find the equilibrium of the three constituent parts of their essence, namely spirit, soul, and body. Here the prayers of believers accumulate the power “coming from above” to give people hopes and healing, as a result. Hence, prayer as a driving power stimulates ministry of Christian Counseling with perpetual examples when people in Andalucia got their help.

The methods which are supported by the Christian Science are gradually being adopted in all precincts of Andalucia. Due to Dr. Armentia the news about positive effect of Christian intrusion into medical affairs was spread widely. In fact, according to psychological approach a man’s brain fixes all good manifestations from all spheres of people’s communication and their intentions on the whole. The more people of Andalucia heard the Good News and attitudes of faithful people tending to charge them with hope and faith.


The book intended me to think over the use of Christian Counselling in terms of its efficient effect. Actually, it should be included in the national law base in the form of amendment. The secular nature of the society provides people with a lack of knowledge concerning the points of how to find personal inner strength, so that to direct it in a right way. Moreover, people by some reasons forget about the message of Jesus to help everyone who needs it. Also some facts of constraint within Christians devoted to counseling.

The point is that the statistics display the data according to which the effect of using Christian counseling is rather high for those who adhere to such methods of treatment by means of prayer. (Weld 328) People have the opportunity to come closer to still unknown mechanism of healing by virtues of prayer and faith of those who pray. The strength and wonderful power of it made many healed and supported in times of scrutiny people believe and put trust in Christian counseling as a link between people and God.

The American population is full of multicultural diversity. Though, the number of those who wants and needs Christian counseling is constantly increasing. Regarding to Journal of Psychology and Theology, “many clients also want their religion or spirituality included within the context of counseling (Rose, Westefeld, & Ansley, 2001), perhaps because around 80% of the US population believes in God (Gallup, 2007) and the power of prayer.” (Weld 328)

The undoubting opinion of Christian Counseling intends me to follow all the tips which are described in the book by McMinn. The global importance of this effective and traditionally appointed type of people’s organization or grouping adds the missing link inside the population of every country being the first in the historical cut. In fact, when there was no medicine, the faith made people struggle with diseases of various nature.


The structure of the book Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling is well-organized due to the inclusion of very specific as well as significant and elementary ideas provided by the thematic coloring of thoughts which are weighty enough; enough for my personal intention to recommend this book to my closest surroundings including parents, friends and simply known persons.

The solution which this book comprises is based on the tripartite entity of psychology, theology, and spirituality which means that it covers the gravest aspects of scientific research and stubbornness of Christian prayer healing and recovery facts. The world is a many-faceted unity of material and spiritual things which need to be analyzed. Psychology and faith are the standpoints of people’s soul organization which are distinctively depicted in the book by Mark R. McMinn. As British people say: “The world is your oyster – just crack it!”


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