Organization and Communication: Organizational Structure

Organizational structure

Organizations have a variety of structures in hierarchical ways. This is due to the environmental cultures and the objectives an organization wants to achieve. It is easy for an organization that has outstanding structures to realize a positive impact on its business activities since it establishes efficiency realized in its performance and the manner it operates. With proper structural procedures, an organization can meet the employee’s responsibilities and employ functions and processes to a different department within an organization. Poor success in business is a result of wrong structure that has been employed in a managerial organization.

The aim of employing an organizational structure is to make sure that there is maximum efficiency in the managerial and success which facilitate working relationships in various sections of an organization. Meanwhile, organizational structures promote flexibility and creativity within an organization. A structure in an organization is a constitution made to govern every step and activity within an organization. As the business of an organization increases, more skillful employees are employed hence this affects the workload within an organization, which leads to a more complex matrix structure hence maximizing profit across a given organization. We have different organizational structures, which include tall, Flat, hierarchical, and centralized and decentralized organizational structures. The structure of an organization is monitored by the superior power depending on how an organization is bigger.

Impacts quality supervision and communication

Communication is important in any running organization since it shapes the managerial perceptions. Most employees should know what is going on and be enlightened about the change an organization is facing. As we realize communication within an organization may receive negative attitudes towards it, opposition due to the employee’s anxiety and resistance. Poor communication may hinder the production of an organization hence it is desirable for an organization to employ a correct structure that should result in a maximum profit (Groeneveld, 45 – 62).

In a proper structural organization, the employees should be able to solve all complaint that arises from customers and show a great influence by reacting positively by providing a better solution. With proper communication within an organization, one can eliminate all negative impact that hinders an organization by ensuring that the standards of their products produced are always high.

As the message is received from the superior power, it entails strategic plans of an organization and it faces redundancy due to the medium used. It is more efficient when an organization passes its information through written material for quality and effective communication. Meanwhile, an organization may employ effective face-to-face communication. Face to face, communication has greater impacts as compared to any other communication style since there is immediate feedback.

In addition, we have line communication systems which also an effective communication strategy. Line management style carries more weight than those found in staff positions providing greater communication among the employees. In an organization, we have a supervisor who represents superior power and his work is to ensure that the organizational structures are adhered to for maximum profitable realization. The supervisor is a key communicator who always communicates effectively.


Overall, the organization should employ proper structural rules that govern the staff. This is utilized through effective communication with the subordinate staff and each activity that involves the profitable maximization of an organization should be supervised at a higher level.

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