People’s Expectations of Others


People have different expectations of others. Usually, people make their expectations of someone based on his gender, race, education and age. I was judged by all of these categories. This essay will talk about people’s expectations of me as a male. As a male, people have certain expectations for my education, body features, personality, social relationships and the relationship with the other gender. Most of the time, I don’t match up to people’s expectations of me.

The Difference between People’s Expectations for My Education And the Truth

People expect the average male to do well in high school and then go to a decent college. Average males are expected to study scientific and hard subjects in college like medicine, engineering or computer science. People expect males to be working hard in college. They also expect them to do well and get high grades. They think that I study with my friends and seek their help in different courses.

In my case, I did a good job in high school but not as good as people expected me to do. After they know the truth, they say that I was lazy and that I didn’t do what I was supposed to do. My marks didn’t take me to the top Universities in the country. I chose a subject that is not very hard to study, which is accounting. In people’s opinion, choosing accounting is a sign of failing in high school. I don’t spend too much time in studying, but I succeed anyway. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get an ‘F’ grade in some subjects.

The Difference between People’s Expectations for My Body Features And the Truth

As a grown up male, people expect me to have a strong body with certain abilities. There is a common belief that a grown up male have good abilities in pushing, pulling and lifting heavy things. People expect males to play different sports like football, basketball or even soccer. In people’s minds, a grown up male needs to eat well to give his body what it needs.

In my case, my body is not as strong as most average males’ bodies. My body is considered small if it’s compared to the bodies of my peers. Moving a large or a heavy object can be a serious challenge for me even if it’s a simple thing like moving a wooden chair. I usually don’t practice sports especially if they require team working. I don’t need to eat or drink a lot to feel full.

The Difference between People’s Expectations for My Personality And the Truth

People expect males to be masculine and tough. People consider a male masculine and tough when he does the following actions: 1. If someone tries to annoy or hurt him, he will be ready to show anger either by his mouth, his hand or both of them. 2. He tries to hide his emotions and tears, and he tries to show people that he is not very sensitive even if he is. In most cases, men “can’t show tender emotions” (Freiberg and Sleek).

In my case, I always try to end my problems with peaceful solutions even if the situation needs self defense. If someone tries to provoke me, I ignore him or act like I don’t notice him. It’s not a big problem for me to show emotions like sadness or fear. Many times I can break down and cry. I don’t mind walking in a public place while my face is showing that I was crying.

The Difference between People’s Expectations for My Social Relationships And the Truth

Average males are expected to have friends especially in college. People cannot imagine someone in college that doesn’t do activities with different people. And even outside college, average males have their friends who can spend time with them. People expect my college days to be the happiest days of my life.

In my case, I’ve never been less social that I am in college. I found a lot of differences between me and my peers and that’s why I don’t like making friendships. I always believe that spending time with others is annoying and not beneficial in any possible way. By far, my college years are the years that I hate the most. My favorite years are probably my mid school years.

The Difference between People’s Expectations for My Relationship with the Opposite Gender And the Truth

People expect grown up males to be always looking for relationships with females especially if they are in college. In college, males and females do a lot of activities together like studying and going on trips to different places. It’s considered a normal thing to see boys with girls every where.

In my case, I don’t usually talk to strangers especially females. I feel that in life there are more important things than having a relationship with a female. Many times I get nervous when I have to talk to a female in my age. Many times that prevents me from apologizing if I make a mistake. People get shocked when I tell them that I don’t date girls in my college, and they even disbelieve me.


Nearly everything about me is unlike what people expect for me. I tried to be what people expected me to be in school and college but I wasn’t very lucky. Physically, I don’t look like my peers and I didn’t choose that. Males in my age are expected to be aggressive, open, social, and not shy. I’m the exact opposite of that. I’m not very social because there are a lot of differences between me and people in morals.

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