Performance Appraisal and Its Implementation in Organizations


Performance appraisal refers to the process of evaluating the worthiness of employees in the course of executing their duties in an organization. This process has quite often been called employee appraisal. In the process of performance appraisal, the output of employees is evaluated in terms of costs, quality, quantity, and time. This process has its history in the 20th century with the growing competition between organizations as everybody strives for better results in their organization.

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Specifically, this practice has become essential for managers in organizations to get the right feedback from the employees. Managers have made good use of the information obtained through performance appraisal. Indeed it is based on such information that people are promoted to new positions, their salaries increased, or worse still some employees have faced disciplinary action because of performance appraisal. Besides personnel decisions, performance appraisal provides a smooth avenue through with the employees, and the administration can freely interact and communicate effectively. As it is well known, communication is a very important aspect of an organization’s success. This paper has explored the practice of performance appraisal in organizations. The various types of employee appraisals have been listed and described in detail in this paper. So many organizations have benefited from performance appraisal as a practice. This has also been the focus of this paper. This has been addressed basically by looking at the role of teams and appraisal management. Successes and failures of leaders about performance appraisal have also been of concern in this paper. This paper has also been keen on exploring reviews that have been undertaken by various authors on the practice of performance appraisal in organizations.


From these reviews, conclusions have been arrived at concerning the importance of performance appraisal and its implementation in organizations. Recommendations have been made on how best the practice of performance appraisal can be utilized by both employees and the managers of organizations to achieve success and development in the workforce.


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