SOL Cleaning Company: Dirty Business, Bright Ideas


From the case study, several aspects of management can be observed in how the company is run and how functions are coordinated.


This is defined as the action of forecasting and projecting future actions to be implemented. It entails making the best options to realize optimal balance of needs with the resources at hand. Planning is done in order to realize preset objectives. It is important for every organization to plan for the future in order to set goals and objectives necessary for the organization’s progress. Planning is a process that entails the identification of an organization’s short-term and long-term goals, and the formulation and observation of particular strategies aimed at realizing the objectives. Additionally, planning involves staffing and the allocation of resources. Planning is an essential responsibility of an organization’s administration team. Lack of effective planning brings about inefficient strategies, which are not relevant in the changing business environment. Planning gives SOL Cleaning, the sense of direction and enables it to avoid lagging behind in terms of progress. Planning makes it possible for all stakeholders to commit themselves toward the achievement of goals. Moreover, planning enables the Firm’s managers to deal with uncertainties. Strategic planning takes into consideration the needs of the company’s customer. Planning is manifested in the company through its rigors training program that aims at turning staff from just cleaners to customer care experts. Planning is also seen when the customer and sales representatives sign a contract. Both sit down and ascertain performance benchmarks.


Organization within SOL company is such that the employees and staff subscribe to a culture in terms of behaviors that members believe are implicitly needed or expected of them. By directing the manner in which members interact with each other and approach their work, these norms determine the capacity of an organization to handle problems, adjust to change and perform efficiently. This is reflected by the use of technology by employees and staff in managing day-to-day activities. This is mostly reflected in supervisors and how all staff enables those (Samson & Daft, 2009).


This is the capability of a person to mobilize a group of people towards achievement of a common goal. Effective leadership is seen through the ability to establish a team, which exercises both physical and emotional brainpower. In SOL company team leadership is manifested through development of problem solving skills and creativity, and it raises the quality of work done as individuals feel a sense of belonging to the project. Team leadership reduces the feeling of isolation that employees get especially when they are working alone. With such a huge workforce and many clients to please, the company has had top mentor supervisors and all the staff on issues regarding leadership and team dynamics.


Control within the SOL Company is more emphasized on the management of people and risks that face the businesses and organizations in the current world. Control is instilled and ensured in order to steer the organization to success by making sure that it rests on more than one shoulder and as such different people are charged with different roles in pursuit of the elusive success in business. It functions to instill a sense of responsibility in all the workers in a particular organization since a number of employees at least control a section or parts of the organization and hence will feel obligated to deliver the wanted success. This is clearly seen by the sharing of responsibilities from the top management down the hierarchy to the simple staff.

After analysis, it is safe to assume that SOL Company is a new environment as can be seen from its locations to the way they are operated. From the case study, the offices are described as being colorful and filled with creativity. A new organization is quick and adaptable to innovative ideas from its staff. It is also safe to assume that the company is new from the way it embraces innovation and technology in the way it uses computers and technological gadgets in order to ease the way operations are handled. The company has adopted green initiatives such as its adoption of a paperless policy where everything is done through electronically thus reducing the company’s carbon footprint (Riquelme, 2008). Conservation of the environment is maintained through their efforts in investing in eco-friendly cleaning materials and their effects on the environment in order for the company to be socially responsible with regard to the environment. Demonstration of good business conduct is essentially the genesis of gaining competitive advantage over other companies that give less attention to the environmental issues especially with the growing concern on the global warming.

The company is also operating under new environment as the company strives to maintain Health safety laws and the insurance concerns especially to the company’s workers is an imperative concern in promoting a sound environment to innovation. It will therefore be the responsibility of the company to ensure that there is a formal framework which ensures that the legal processes are strictly followed to the letter. Innovative thinking in the workplace, together with readiness for change and communicating this to staff members, form the characteristics of a successfully growth business.

Through surfing their website effectiveness and efficiency can be noted from the way the company is able to communicate to its client regarding the types and categories of services they offer. The design of the website also shows an infusion of professionalism. The company has also highlighted their efforts in operating in an eco-friendly manner. Ethics is also corresponded throughout the website through the company’s foundation ideals have been made evident by its culture. This is how company operations are held in the basic ways, such as how compensations are disseminated and how decisions are made. Studying leaders and coworkers train the staff on the customs of conducting business. The Company’s outlook has been set up and communicated to the staff effectively (


The Sol Company has maintained innovative ways and management strategies have so far been successful as evidenced by the rapid growth of the business and continuing rise in the numbers of clients and customers. The management of the company has remained flat such that communication within the company inspires innovation and transparent practices. Ethics within the organization is also maintained and the the governance principles and ethics of modern companies and corporations have faced renewed interest, especially in t he wake of the collapse of a number of high profile corporations.


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