Strategic Change Analysis: Vision Statement


An organization includes a set of people working together to achieve a common target. Every organization has its own visions and missions. Organizational change management is inevitable to improve an organization’s strength. The speed of managerial change has not been measured in current years and sometimes it may be increasing. The fast paced and repeated improvement in skills is making changes to managerial structure. Strategic change initiatives provide the root to the strategic changes. “The Strategic Change Initiative allows individuals and organizations to discover the Great Hope. The Strategic Change Initiative is designed to respond to that Great Fear that can block our effective response in Times of Great Change” (Woll). A strategic change initiative is mainly built on the missions of the company. It is planned according to the organizational vision and it formulates the scheme which will promote a better change toward the organizational growth. The strategic change initiatives should be undertaken with a long period vision of the prospective outlook and this will be along with the mission reports and its whole objectives that will strengthen the organizational target. These initiatives will provide the way to attain organizational changes.

Application Analysis

The vision of the organization is connected with its existence and expertise. The mission will be according to the people’s life in the skills and products reasonable and simple to utilize. The application of this change management based on the vision and mission of the organization helps the organization to decrease costs and increase personnel efficiency through better control, vision and mechanization over change management concepts. This will also enhance the development of strategic change initiatives. Besides, helps to attain the dogmatic fulfillment by scheming and trailing the modifications all the way through its computerized operation to the production.

Lessons learned

  • Change Analysis is a very wide, scope oriented study in Managing Organizational Change. A change analysis is needed in all organizations to further develop its strategies. Change analysis is needed also to build a powerful vision for an organization. There are many dimensions in the topic of change analysis like building a partnership, developing a powerful workforce, empowering the vision, mission and strategies. The most important theme in the study of change analysis is developing powerful vision, mission and strategies so that the firm develops to its full potential. A powerful mission statement is a statement which is brief and communicates the message to the reader within a short time span. A powerful mission statement satisfies the incremental criteria, the existential, financial and individuality criteria of organizations. Vision is the future that the company projects which it has to achieve in terms of business goals and targets after satisfying and standing by its mission statement. Strategic management is considered by creating a proper organization environment for the organization factors and for the analysis of the various external factors affecting the firm.
  • For the development of a proper mission statement of our concern we stated the objective that the organization is standing for at the present. The mission is “Always standing by you in tough and thin times” which states that the company was standing by its customers in both rough as well as smooth times. The mission statement was incorporated in such a manner so that the customer understands that the organization was with them in 24×7, ready to provide necessary support. The vision statement reads, “With us in few years you will attain the goals of your life.” The vision statement was developed to be motivational and inspiring so that the future motives of the organization becomes clear and the audience understands that the organization has a projected and focused vision. The vision statement has been developed in such a manner so that it transcends through generations and every body can understand the motive of the company.
  • All the criteria that are needed to satisfy the mission and vision statement have been incorporated yet doubt prevails as to whether the mission and vision statements need to be more product oriented rather than organization oriented.


Therefore, change analysis is a very important theme of the study. An organization should have a proper mission and vision statements in order to fulfill its organizational strategy and plan.

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