Strategic Management and Marketing in a Company

Strategic management and marketing are important factors to analyze for any business. It is especially significant for companies related to the provision of services, including health care. Choosing the right marketing strategies is essential to the successful activity of a company or business. A strategic approach to management is connected with marketing, as it helps to allocate the company’s resources following its financial potential. Therefore, effective marketing management leads to proper approaches to the customer contact process. The aim is to dissect how it would influence the work of the company and analyze the implementation of the strategy.

Improving the quality of provided services is a crucial goal of any company and business. In this matter, one of the effective strategies is the customer survey. Hill and Brierley (2017) argue that it will improve the response rate and increase its quality level. The orthopedic group in Virginia conducting a survey would positively influence the improvement of physicians’ services and the company as a whole. Firstly, they will be able to find out the veritable assessment of employees’ work firsthand, namely from clients. Secondly, it will improve the customers’ attitude since they will be satisfied as their opinion is taken into account. Finally, these two factors will probably lead to customer flow, which is ideal for an enterprise.

The fact of publishing the results on the website is also important to descry, as it will increase customer’s trust. Anyone would be able to see actual assessments of the services provided, and in case of positive results, the client’s choice will probably fall on this particular company. In addition, in most cases, the openness and transparency of the company, or when the client sees all business information, attract a lot of attention. The comments have also been posted act in the same way: along with the reviews, they give customers a fair assessment of their performance.

The above factors are vital in trying to find out the customer contact process. Constant monitoring of customer satisfaction is necessary for companies continuously contacting with clients (Hill & Alexander, 2017). The most valuable information for any company is the honest assessment of their activities. Also, it will be handy to find out some tips for improving work, which is possible while doing a survey. The client will see that the company noticed his advice and made some changes in accordance with the information provided. It is a necessary process: such an action can significantly improve the attitude to the company; moreover, clients are likely to recommend its services to others. It is the so-called “living advertisement,” which usually works most effectively.

The implementation of the strategy into the total marketing program could take place in several stages. In the first phase, one needs to create a non-trivial customer survey with interesting and practical questions. In the second stage, it is necessary to take care that all clients can easily find out about the study and have access to it. Hill and Brierley (2017) state that introducing the survey is the most valuable part. Hereafter, one needs to analyze the results and draw conclusions and then develop an improvement plan. Of course, the plan will be based on the survey results, where the assessment will be considered separately from possible advice. After that, all that remains is to make fundamental changes according to the plan and notify clients about this if possible.


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