The Analysis of Apple Inc. As per Various Facets


Apple Incorporation is an American multinational technology owned by BlackRock, Inc and Vanguard Group, two main institutional investors. The company specializes in software, consumer electronics, and online services. This paper is based on the analysis of Apple Inc. as per various facets such as globalization and technological advancement as per the mission and vision of the company. To access the level of strategic management and competitiveness of Apple Inc., it is necessary to consider several factors such as globalization concerning the mission and the vision of the corporation.


Globalization refers to the process by which organizations or business begins to conduct their operations on an international scale or establish their influence globally. Although globalization has had a substantial effect on Apple company, it has also provided the company with several benefits. Despite multiple ups and downs throughout its history, the organization was capable of showing its ability and becoming the most successful company during this age of globalization. For instance, Apple company began as a largely American business, but as a result of globalization, it has evolved into an international conglomerate. Only approximately a third of the sales of the company are generated in the Americas, which includes Canada and all of Latin America in addition to the United States (Nyamekye & Tul, 2020). As a consequence, the company may be defined as doing business abroad. Sales were completely reliable in Asia-Pacific, where the company has several flagship sites.

Apple also has an immense benefit on its supply chain, where because of globalization, the company can make high profits by producing products at low cost and selling them at higher profits. Additionally, due to the low cost of production and assembly in China, the company produces and makes most of its assembly in the same country. In addition to that, there is the availability of a bigger market size for the Apple company to avail its products.


Technology refers to the utilization of scientific knowledge for practicality in companies and industries. Cloud computing helps Apple Inc. to save money by lowering the price of capital investments in storage devices and servers as well as eliminating the need for technological advancements. Apple stores iCloud customer data like images and messages using a combination of its data centers and third-party cloud storage services such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Apple iCloud computing is a cloud service that allows users of iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac to push files wirelessly. These devices’ wireless synchronization aids in the safe storing of films, applications, photographs, music, and documents. All files are on Apple devices and will be kept up to date.

The iPhone was the first gadget to connect to the Internet of Things. The most significant IoT firm is Apple. Apple has been able to demonstrate the power of connected sensors to consumers through IoT, opening up new possibilities for connectivity throughout companies and in healthcare. Patients can be cared for remotely by healthcare professionals. When the company uses IoT and artificial intelligence, it has been able to develop and advance various gadgets such as healthcare gadgets.

Industrial Organization Model

The industrial-based model shows how the company’s actions interact with the outside world. In examining its general environment, competitive environment, and industrial environment, Apple Inc. has used distinct tactics; the company creates an appealing industry by generating differentiated and original goods after getting a critical grasp of the diverse settings (Podolny & Hansen, 2020). Apple Inc. employs a variety of strategies to achieve above-average results. The competent staff takes strategic activities to guarantee that the planned strategy is implemented effectively. The industrial organization model comprises an attractive industry that is based on the company’s structural characteristics, external environment, strategy formulation, and skills and assets to implement a given strategy.

Resource-Based Model

The resource-based model illustrates how a corporation operates internally. Apple Incorporated company has a one-of-a-kind set of internal viewpoints. Patents, the name of the brand, and capital equipment as well as trained and talented individuals, are the key resource inputs for Apple Inc (Pooja, 2020). The intangible and tangible resources collaborate to complete the actual manufacturing job. Apple’s potential and capability in the market are determined by its resource inputs. The capacity of Apple Inc. to excel and manufacture varied and integrated goods determines its competitive edge (Michael, 2020). To maintain its appeal, Apple company devotes sufficient effort to identifying commercial prospects and, as a result, locates its operations and facilities in important places. After evaluating the internal methods stated above, Apple Incorporated conducts a thorough review of external factors and uses the external environment to achieve above-average profits. The resource-based model that plays a critical role for the company includes the resources- the inputs, the capability that comprises the integration and capacity, the company’s competitive advantage, apple’s attractive industry, and strategy formulation and implementation.


Apple Inc. believes that in the current world, it is meant to produce products of high quality meant for various target customers and that the company owns all of the technology that goes into the products. The company strives for greatness through its unique beliefs, and integrity is a vital pillar in the company’s success. Collaboration among the company’s various groups is also crucial to the company’s improved success.

In Apple’s business operations, vision statements are extremely important. The company’s vision statement, for example, comprises a variety of objectives and goals that it must accomplish in its daily operations. Integrity, producing high-quality products that suit consumer needs, and settling for nothing less than the finest are just a few of the characteristics that have helped the corporate image and customer base grow. Customer loyalty has increased dramatically over the years, and this has been linked to the company’s philosophy of being the face of the earth and developing items that appeal to a wide range of demographics. The company’s recent announcement of the iPhone X is wonderful evidence of its congruence with its stated objective. The reputation of the company has also greatly improved over time, indicating that it is committed to its objectives and goals.


It is critical to understand the following parts of Apple’s mission statement: cutting-edge hardware, the finest possible user experience, and revolutionary software and services. Apple company’s objective is to safeguard the environment, as well as its staff and consumers. Every action taken by Apple is evaluated in light of this purpose. The corporate social responsibility success of Apple stems from its commitment to protecting and conserving natural resources for future generations. Apple can produce technologically new goods by guaranteeing the health and safety of its staff and consumers. It is worth noting that employees whose needs are fully addressed by the firm work hard to ensure the company’s success.


The internal stakeholders at Apple have the authority to decide what transpires, as long as it is beneficial. Employees of Apple company are paid fairly and receive discounts on Apple products. In general, Apple’s employees are loyal because of their pleasant working environment. To suit the needs of the customers, the personnel continue to innovate and invent new services and products. The company’s committed employees enable it to manufacture the peripherals, best personal computers, and unique software as a result of their dedication.


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