The Importance and Advantages of Multilingualism


The study of multilingualism was very limited for a long time since the focus was mostly made on the study of separate languages, their grammar, and phonological peculiarities. Nowadays, due to the rapid development of the integration process and the introduction of the World Wide Web, the population on Earth becomes bilingual, trilingual of even multilingual due to many reasons. The phenomenon of multilingualism has become popular owing to many reasons. Anyway, I believe multilingualism has a positive influence on both individuals and the society.

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To begin with, more detailed research of multilingualism has the advanced the study of separate languages. Hence, such disciplines as comparative linguistics appear that are used to define common and distinguishing features of the languages. That makes possible to classify them into different groups and identify their origin. In addition, multilingual conceptualization gives wider opportunities to achieve higher results in the field of international policy and economy. A multilingual person opens more possibilities in acquiring knowledge in the alien environment. Moreover, a command of several languages gives a person an additional background so that he/she could analyze the situation from various angels.

Multilingualism has great impact on the creative skills of person. It can be explained by the fact additional languages create the ability to have vast spectrum of creative thinking. As we know, to speak several languages means to know several cultures. Moreover, being a multilingual bearer means to know about the innovations and new trends in fashion, science and painting. New editions of the books that have been not translated yet are available for those who have an excellent command of language. Thus, the knowledge of languages widens our imagination and contributes to the development of creative skills.

It is universally acknowledged that the successful communication is carried through a person’s ability to express thoughts through languages. If talking about the phenomena of multilingualism in this aspect, it advanced the communication at the international level. Due to the development of high technology and the introduction of mobile phones and television, people feel conscious of the necessity to study languages. This skill allows you to travel around the world and to communicate with people from the host countries. In addition, multilingualism and communication can be considered the inherent components of social intercourse.

Finally, the rise of multilingualism is especially useful for the countries with multinational populations. The acknowledgement of the integration of this process gave rise to the multilingual education. In other words, a person acquires the opportunity to study his/her mother language even being the representative of national minority. Multilingual education encourages the bilingual and multilingual education at all levels of language training. Moreover, such type of education attracts more attention to languages that are the core elements of intercultural communication. The obvious multilingualism lies in the possibility to stay in the alien country and to preserve your culture and tradition by means of language.


As we can see, there are many cultural, social, economic and political benefits of being bilingual or trilingual. Besides, multilingual people have more creative and flexible thinking. In addition, people who know several languages are more open-minded and more artistic in the decision-making process. Consequently, multilingual people get better results in school. Finally, multilingual society has an easier access to alien cultures and a better understanding of customs and traditions of other nations.

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