The River City National Bank Overview

It is quite clear that River City National Bank has had problems in dealing with the ever increasing number of its customers and as a result there has been constant complains from some of the customers. On the other hand, the manager of the bank has tried implementing several policies in order to establish a long lasting solution, one that will be fair to both the clients and the bank’s employees in order to avoid any instances of conflict or complain from either of the sides.

In any business, the managers and the employees are an asset to the firm and therefore, they have the obligation of satisfying the customer because if the customer is not satisfied he/she will loose confidence with the service provider and this will pose a big challenge to success of such a business. The recommendation is that, the River City National Bank should come up with a well established mechanism that will address the clients concern.


To have a better and long lasting solution that will address the issues in a fair way, it is important to understand that, any proposed solution should be able to accommodate the concerns of the customer whilst also considering the complains raised by the tellers who are the workers to the bank. In deed, there are a number of issues that the RCNB management and the board of directors need to address immediately, namely; long queues in the bank, few working hours, lack of awareness of availability of new facilities by the customers, slow services, lack of enough enquiry facilities.

Foremost, the bank’s management should realize that their customers have increased tremendously over years; the opinion is that, the bank should expand and have more branches in order to serve the community to full capacity. Secondly, as the branches get to become more, there is also a need to address the issue about the number of tellers. Therefore, the management should also increase and hire more tellers who should be given high quality training in order to efficiently deal with the demands for quality service delivery to the customers. Through this, the RCNB will also have solved the crisis of long queues in the bank.

The third recommendation is that, the bank having opened a new branch just within the town; some customers have not been aware about availability of such facility. Therefore as the management plans on carrying out an expansion program, there should be an established mechanism of sensitizing and enlightening the customers about the new services and facilities. For instance, the bank can embrace advertisement as a mechanism in which it can opt to use internet advertisement, distribute fliers within the bank, or it can also carry out promotions and workshops on the same.

Additionally, the management should hire and train employees who can be able to help on issues of enquiries and customer care in order to facilitate quick services to the clients and also help in dealing with issues that could otherwise consume more time and hence, this will reduce time wastage and unnecessary long queues.


The more time wastage is reduced, the more the money is saved. Thus, the management needs to make and implement all the proposed solutions in order to have quality service delivery and this will in turn make the customer happy in order to ensure that the River City National Bank will be successful in it’s future endeavors.

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