Why Women Love Dove Company

Dove’s campaign for real beauty and customer loyalty

By implementing a campaign for real beauty the company has been able to target its marketing strategies at average women and do not distinguish women on the basis of their appearances. This is the reason why average women can easily associate themselves with the brand and its products. The company through its various programs attempts to expand its targeted market by bringing itself close to those women who may feel that they are not beautiful and the brand ensures that these women can actually feel beautiful and wanted by their loved ones. This way the company has been able to enjoy developing a close association with women and it is in better position to address their needs in a better way. This would surely help the company to attract customers and invoke repeated sales as women are continuously involved in the process where they can actually learn and contribute to the product development and marketing strategies of the company.

Different aspects of campaign affecting social views of beauty

The campaign for real beauty not only used the media but also allowed dialogue through discussion points established on a particular website dedicated for women to share their thoughts and perceptions regarding different images of beauty portrayed by various beauty products companies. The campaign also involved Dove Self-Esteemed Fund (Quester, Neal, Pettigrew, Grimmer, David, & Hawkins, 2007)which provides a platform for a societal change which was aimed to broaden up the definition of beauty and its true essence. The company continues to invest in various programs to educate women and record their opinions which helps the brand to direct its strategies in a well directed manner and bring a change in audience

Affects of the use of real women for this campaign

The use of six different real women in Dove’s campaign for real beauty not only challenged the stereotype image of beauty which is commonly used by various beauty companies but also brought the brand close to a large population of women who did not consider themselves beautiful and always consider the beauty standards set out by various brands through media unrealistic and not achievable (Quester, Neal, Pettigrew, Grimmer, David & Hawkins, 2007). The use of real women in campaigns allowed the brand to get closer to women who have low esteem and consider themselves weak. This way the campaign is able to build a connection with the targeted audience in more direct and personal manner and address their problems and needs from specific products more appropriately as audience can easily associate themselves with real figures.

Focus on women’s needs and messages targeted at gaining customer awareness

The beauty campaign emphasizes on the needs of the average woman inspiring them to take on much more powerful roles in the society by educating them how to take care of themselves and enjoy the beauty they possess instead of wanting to be like supermodels which beauty companies typically use for their product image. The message takes the idea of beauty beyond the barriers of race, color, origin, shapes, sizes and age and suggests that beauty is a matter of image which women can have about themselves (Quester, Neal, Pettigrew, Grimmer, David, & Hawkins, 2007).

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