The Tale of NerdyTom

Once upon a time, a group of four students from a small US town that you’ve probably never heard of decided to enroll at universities. We were always interested in different fields. While one of us dreamed of Creative Writing, one wanted to major in Business and Management, and others were keen on History and Literature. And yet, the preparation we did was similar: we wrote essays.


At first, we started saving academic papers to share them with each other. But once our collection had grown into a small database, we realized something. All these essays can help other students as they did help us. So, NerdyTom was created.

And what's up with the name? What can we say: we all adored our friend's cat.

Our Objectives


If we've learned something over the years of studying, it is that mastering your writing skills can be a real struggle. Even after revising and proofreading an essay, you can accidentally mess up the formatting. And don't forget about a content organization — that's where all the logical errors hide.

We aim at helping students by showing illustrative examples. Examining academic papers is a great way to learn proper structuring and formatting.

Get inspired and confident in your own writing!