How did you gather all the samples for the database?

We were lucky enough to get them from the actual students! NerdyTom relies on the volunteers from schools and colleges who are willing to send us their papers that received good grades.

What if I submit your essay as my own?

Submitting our paper to your professors, you commit an act of academic dishonesty. Plagiarism is taken extremely seriously in educational institutions, so you’ll have to deal with consequences. Not only will your reputation suffer, but you can also be suspended or even expelled.

Are samples on NerdyTom actually free?

You can count on that. Our database provides all the essays and other academic papers for free. You won’t have to sign up or input any credit card data. Though, make sure you use our examples for inspiration or research.

Can I offer you my essay?

Of course! You can fill a form on one of our pages and send your academic paper to us. Our editors will check whether it meets our standards.

Do you write essays upon request?

Unfortunately, we don’t take requests. NerdyTom is a database comprised of essays submitted by students. The topics and subjects depend solely on the volunteers and their will. However, our collection is updated regularly, so if you haven’t found a sample you need, check the page a week later.

Can you guarantee the high quality of the academic paper?

Yes, we can. Before we add an essay or research paper to NerdyTom, our editors check and proofread it. They ensure that the submitted item meets our requirements regarding content and grammar.