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Do you need to write a summary in a short time? Our summary writing tool is the perfect solution. We designed the online summary writer, keeping all the student's needs in mind. You can use the tool for many tasks, including essays, articles, research papers, etc.

Our summary writer can shorten even the most complex texts by carefully reflecting on the main idea. The algorithm detects the keywords and eliminates the repetitions and less relevant information. Learn more benefits of our tool and check out examples in this article.

📑 Summary Writing Tool Benefit #1 - No Limitations

To make a perfect summary with the help of our tool, you don't have to waste time filling in the registration form. You get unlimited access to our summary writing instrument, with no hidden payments!

What is more, our summary software is available online 24/7!

It only takes pasting the original text into our tool to complete your summary. It will be ready almost immediately, saving you time for other assignments. You can repeat the process if you want to make more changes. Implement an automated essay helper while improving your writing skills!

📱 Summary Writing Tool Benefit #2 – Easy to Use

It doesn't matter if you've tried summary software before or not. We made our summary writer user-friendly and understandable for students with various backgrounds. You should just copy and paste the original text into our tool.

We also ensured that the algorithm of our summary writer could deal with a text on any topic and size. Whether you have a 5-paragraph essay on computer engineering or a thesis on psychology, our tool will spot all key points and add them to the summary.

✏️ Summary Writing Tool Benefit #3 – Many Details

One of the handiest features of our summary writer is that it gives a detailed description of the results. Below every summary, you can find the number of words and sentences in the original and edited texts and the list of keywords. This information is convenient since most written assignments have a strict word count.

Consider this example to see how the summary writing tool works.

Original text Summary
Food and Wine Festival in Australia.
Food and wine festivals are significant when it comes to tourist attractions since they are an essential experience for a tourist. Food festivals exhibit a country's culture, heritage, rituals, and celebrations which add to the knowledge of the tourist. These festivals also reflect the changing lifestyles of that place and its communities. These festivals reflect the social status of the people in the area since these festivals serve as a national identity.
Food and wine festivals are significant tourist attractions since they reflect the culture and lifestyle of a place and its communities. The festivals also contribute to people's national identity.
4 sentences
72 words
463 characters
2 sentences
29 words
198 characters

🔑 Summary Writing Tool Benefit #4 - Highlighted Keywords

Our tool finds the keywords from the text to ensure the summary reflects the key ideas. Keywords define the field, topic, and research issue covered in writing. We recommend making a list of keywords to get a profound understanding of the subject you explore.

Check out this example of how our summary writing tool detects the keywords.

Original text Summary
Television Violence and Children's Aggressiveness.
Television has been a fundamental tool in mass media applications due to its audio and visual capabilities. Children and adolescents draw immense fascination from TV programs due to the element of entertainment and education. However, in the recent past, the dominant TV programs have been characterized by violence and crime. The violence-themed TV shows and broadcasts have had an adverse psychosocial impact on children and adolescents.
Television and its audio and video capabilities are essential for children's entertainment and education. However, since many TV programs are associated with violence and crime, they have a negative psychological impact on adolescents.
4 sentences
66 words
440 characters
2 sentences
33 words
237 characters


  • television
  • children
  • education
  • violence
  • crime

📏 Summary Writing Tool Benefit #5 - Adjustable Size

You can choose the number of sentences in your summary, depending on how long it needs to be. For example, if you have numerous sources to use as references for your essay, it's better to keep their summaries short.

A general rule for an academic summary is that it should be much shorter than the original piece. A perfect summary is no more than 10% to 15% the length of the text. However, with our summary writer, you have an opportunity to experiment and try various sizes for your text.

Here're the general recommendations according to the size of the initial text.

Words in the original text Words in summary
<1000 <100
3000 300 - 450
5000 400 - 750
7000 700 - 1050
>10000 >1000

🧱 Summary Writing Tool Benefit #6 – Advanced Algorithms

Our writing tool reduces the text's volume by creating a well-crafted summary. The summarizing algorithms made by a team of experts extract a general idea of a text without going into details. Besides detecting the main ideas and keywords, they are arranged from the most to least relevant. As a result, you get a professionally written summary in no time, completely for free.

🪄 Summary Writing Tool Benefit #7 - Speed

Using our summary writer will save you time for more tasks. We understand how overwhelming deadlines can be, so we designed one of the fastest online summary software. Your only job is to place the text in our tool and get your summary ready in a few seconds.

Thank you for reading this article! Check out our other academic tools that are also easy to use and can significantly contribute to your writing process!

❓ Summary Writing Tool FAQ

❓ What do I write in summary?

In summary, you must shorten the original text to the main idea. You don't have to include your opinion, interpretation, or comments. All you need to do is carefully reflect on the author's original ideas by excluding the irrelevant details.

❓ How to write a short summary?

To write a summary, you should break the text into several sections. Identify the key points from each paragraph and write them down. You can always use our free summary writing tool if you don't have time to write a summary manually.

❓ How many sentences are in a short summary?

Remember that summarizing and paraphrasing are different. The goal of a summary is to make a short summation of the original text. Usually, such a paragraph contains around five to eight sentences. A good summary should be no more than 10% to 15% the length of the original piece.

❓ How to summarize an article online?

Summary software is a perfect solution when you don't have time to deal with the text. For example, our summary writing tool allows users to summarize an article online for free. You simply need to copy the text and then paste it into the tool.

❓ What is an objective summary?

The key feature of an objective summary is that it doesn't include any opinions or comments on the text. Instead, it only reflects the information from the text and the author's key ideas. By writing objective summaries, you can demonstrate your profound understanding of the chosen text.

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