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Do you want to save time on paraphrasing using automatic software?

Manual paraphrasing consumes a lot of time and energy. That is why we developed this tool for students. You can reword a passage, improve word choice, and simplify text online on our website. Read more about what the paraphraser does below.

πŸ’Ž Paraphrasing Software Hidden Gems

You can use this reword program for free and with no limits. As an online tool, it works perfectly with any operational system – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc. The only two things you need are Internet access and a text for paraphrasing.

What makes our paraphrasing software the best online rewriter tool?

  • Smooth & organic language. The system replaces words with their closest synonyms relevant to academic writing.
  • Strong AI. The program analyzes the type of the text and rewords it for you within seconds.
  • Keeping the initial meaning. The reword tool preserves all the ideas and terms vital to achieving the best result.

πŸ“œ 5 Rules of Successful Paraphrasing

Definition: Paraphrasing is expressing someone else's or your own ideas in a new form. It is an essential part of academic writing. Proper paraphrasing shows how well you understand and organize information, improves word choice, and eliminates plagiarism.

Follow these rules to paraphrase successfully:

  1. Read the source and make sure you understand the content entirely.
  2. Change the original text's sentence structures and wording.
  3. Keep scientific terms or thematic words in the text.
  4. Use quotation marks if you only changed three or fewer words in a row from the original text.
  5. Refer to the source using academic formatting (e.g., MLA, APA Chicago, Harvard, etc.)

Take a look at this paraphrasing example:

Original piece Paraphrased piece
Active listening is a valuable communication technique that helps to master empathy, enrich knowledge, and improve emotional intelligence. Among the benefits of active listening are the development of empathy, awareness in the discussed areas, and emotional intelligence enhancement.

πŸ’¬ Quoting When Using a Reword Program

You can paraphrase anything, but sometimes it’s better to use direct quotations. Quotation marks are obligatory to avoid plagiarism. See below the appropriate cases for quoting and paraphrasing.

πŸ’¬ Quoting is better when: πŸ”€ Paraphrasing is better when:
  1. You present a famous and well-stated passage.
  2. It is a short quote that makes sense only without changes.
  3. The original wording is better than your interpretation.
  4. You need to comment on the passage's idea, style, etc.
  5. You show that someone supports or argues your position.
  1. The passage's wording is not appropriate for academic writing.
  2. Not all the stated information is relevant to your paper.
  3. You want to add your perspective on the author's idea.
  4. You already have enough direct quotes in your essay.
  5. You need to change the focus of the original passage.
  6. You refer to two or more sources with the same ideas.

A friendly reminder: You need to refer to your sources in any case if the idea doesn’t belong to you. Follow the formatting style guidelines your instructors give you to deliver plagiarism-free papers.

πŸ€” Paraphrasing Software: Good & Bad Examples

Now it's time to compare good and bad paraphrasing samples. First, let's take a look at the original passage:

Strategic Management Concepts: The Case of Apple Free Essay Example.

❌ Bad example πŸ€” What’s wrong with it?
Apple can keep its client base loyal because they do not need to search for some products in other places as they are all sold at Apple stores; this is possible because Apple has a large range of goods. This advantage is significant to clients as people do not have time to give it a try in other stores. They just prefer to buy everything they need from a manufacturer that provides all the tools the product may need. For example, if a customer buys a laptop from Apple and looks for an operating system in another outlet, this can be inconvenient. Also, there is no guarantee that software from other brands will be a match for that laptop.
  • Sentence structure and word order are not changed.
  • The text includes slang and spoken language.
  • The text uses emotional and exaggerated language.
  • The source is restated without the author's position.
βœ… Good example πŸ€” What’s right about it?
Apple, Inc. preserves its clients because it guarantees convenience to their shopping experience. Apple outlets offer their customers a choice of complementary goods, which keeps the visitors shopping in one place instead of comparing several options at different stores. So, suppose a customer wants to buy an electronic device. In that case, it is better to have an operating system and other utility preliminary installed in that device. Purchasing additional items in other stores is inconvenient and does not ensure full compatibility with the earlier purchased devices.
  • Sentence structure and word order are changed.
  • The tone and word choice are relevant to academic writing.
  • The information presented by the source is well-synthesized.

πŸ’πŸ½ Tips for Successful Paraphrasing

Here are some additional tips that will instantly boost your paraphrasing:

  • Include and emphasize information relevant to your topic and argument.
  • Give credit to your sources using signal phrases (mention names, pages, and publications).
  • Group information from several sources if they represent the same argument.
  • Instead of simply rewording your sentences, change their structure.
  • Make all the paraphrased passages fit the general writing style of your paper.
  • Better use online tools for PC than download unknown software on your computer.
  • Proofread and edit paraphrased texts after using a reword program.
  • Use synonyms, different parts of speech, and scientific terms to make your paraphrasing diverse.
  • Changing a couple of words is not paraphrasing. It's a form of plagiarism.
  • You can use your point of view but not distort the text's message.
  • Always compare your paraphrase to the original text to ensure there is no plagiarism.

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