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You might need to rephrase the text several times when writing an essay, article, or other academic paper. To save your time, we designed this free essay rephraser! With the help of our tool, you can effortlessly rephrase any text and make your paper stand out.

Rephrasing is essential for everyone to create unique content and avoid plagiarism. Our online rephrase will come in handy for students and everyone who works with texts. Keep reading this page to discover other benefits of our rephrasing tool.

โ™พ๏ธ Essay Rephraser Benefit #1: Unlimited Use

Our tool is available online 24/7, and you can use it as many times as you want. You get unlimited attempts entirely for free!

To rephrase the text, you simply need to:

  • Copy and paste the original piece,
  • Choose the percentage of words you want to be changed,
  • Click โ€œRephraseโ€.

After you fill all fields, get the result in a few moments!

If your text needs more changes, you can repeat the process and choose the higher (or lower) percentage of rephrasing. You can experiment with your text as much as you want. We recommend running the tool several times with a different percentage of rephrased elements.

๐Ÿ–Œ๏ธ Essay Rephraser Benefit #2: Custom Paraphrasing

We designed our free essay rephraser for students, considering the features of different writing styles. The tool detects the kind of text and sticks to the necessary structure and wording. For example, if you need to rewrite an academic article, the rephraser will identify its style and theme and rephrase the text accordingly. Consider these samples to see how our essay instrument works.

Original text Rephrased version
The Tragic Life of Edgar Allan Poe
"Most of Poe's stories were written in the Dark Romanticism style. In all that he wrote, he seemed to be in the dark. His stories had gloomy settings, filled with themes of revenge and violence. "
The majority of writings by Poe are examples of the Dark Romanticism style. In all his stories, it feels like he was in the darkness. His plots had a depressing ambiance, filled with motives of vengeance and brutality.
Amazon INC.'s Strategic Analysis Report
"However, the company has experienced many challenges, such as improving the growth of e-commerce at the highest level, sustaining a balance between investment and profit, and challenges in the global market along with government balances and checks. "
Nevertheless, the organization has gone through several difficulties. For example, it boosted the extension of e-commerce to the top level and maintained a balance between funding and earnings. Amazon also overcame challenges in the world market and administrative balances and checks.

๐Ÿค“ Essay Rephraser Benefit #3: Plagiarism-Free Texts

Our essay rephraser helps everyone write superb texts without plagiarizing. We stand against any form of plagiarism and cheating and highly value honesty and authenticity. You can always use our tool if you find manual rephrasing challenging. Consider these examples to see how our rephrasing software gets rid of plagiarism.

Original text Rephrased version
Online Learning vs. Face-To-Face Learning
"Other benefits associated with online learning may include; growth of the program and enrollment; increased levels of technological literacy among students."
Expansion of the program, active engagement of students, and technical competence of students are some advantages of online education.

๐Ÿ”  Essay Rephraser Benefit #4: Built-in Word Counter

To help you follow the word limitations, we added an automatic word counter to our tool. You can see the total amount of words in the final result to ensure you fit all the requirements. If not, you can choose shorter or longer phrases from the alternatives our essay rephraser suggests or modify the amount of replaced words.

๐Ÿช„ Essay Rephraser Benefit #5: Multiple Rewording Suggestions

We extended the tool's functionality further to improve your experience. One convenient option we would like to offer is the opportunity to choose from various synonyms. Considering the word count of your writing, you can pick the perfect match from synonymic words and phrases our software suggests. You simply need to click on the word to see different rewording options and decide which one fits better. See how easy it is!

Original text Rephrased version
New York City Improvements
Large cities necessarily draw complex societal and environmental issues. For New York City, the last half of the 20th century was a difficult time, filled with economic issues and racial tensions.
Populous (colossal/enormous/great) cities naturally (undoubtedly/unquestionably) draw complicated (problematic/arduous/perplexing) societal and environmental questions (challenges/difficulties/concerns). For New York City, the last half of the 20th century was a challenging period (hard time/tough chapter), filled with economic issues and racial pressure (traction/tightness).

Last but not least, our free essay rephraser is very user-friendly! It only takes you a few clicks to get any text paraphrased. Moreover, our rephrasing software is accessible on all devices, including laptops, phones, or tablets.

Check out our other academic tools that are also easy to use and can significantly contribute to your writing process!

โ“ Essay Rephraser FAQ

โ“ How to rephrase a sentence for an essay?

To manually rephrase a sentence for an essay, you need to look for synonyms in the thesaurus. You can either replace words or the whole phrases. If you find manual rephrasing challenging, you can apply to our free essay rephraser. Just copy the text and paste it into our tool.

โ“ How to rephrase 'you' in an essay?

It is essential to rephrase personal pronouns if you want to make your academic writings sound professional. You can use the third person: "they" or "it." For example, "it should be mentioned," "it is believed," "it is crucial to note that," etc.

โ“ How to rephrase an essay?

If you want to use someoneโ€™s essay as a reference for your writing, it is crucial to rephrase it. Otherwise, it would be plagiarism. Manual rephrasing of an entire essay can take a lot of time, so we recommend using online software like our free essay rephraser.

โ“ How do you reword a thesis statement?

Writing assignments often require you to restate the thesis statement in conclusion. This way, you remind readers what the goal of your writing was. To paraphrase a thesis statement, you can either manually choose the synonyms from the thesaurus or use our free essay rephraser.

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