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The following terms and conditions monitor your use of this website. You automatically accept terms and conditions by using this website. In case you disagree with these terms and conditions or any aspect of them, you must leave this page.

The minimum age of users of this website is 18 years. We expect you to warrant that you are at least 18 years old by accepting our terms and conditions.

License to use website

NerdyTom and/or its licensors are the owners of the intellectual property rights and the content published on this website (unless it is stated otherwise). According to the license, all intellectual property rights are reserved.

You have a right to view the content. The download is allowed for caching purposes only. Printing of the content is allowed for personal use only. You should take into consideration the restrictions mentioned in the terms and conditions. Moreover, you should follow the restrictions below.

You are not allowed to:

  • Republish any content from this website in neither print nor digital formats (republication on another website is prohibited as well).
  • Make any commercial activities with the materials from this website (sell, rent, sub-license).
  • Show any content from this website on publicly available platforms.
  • Duplicate or reproduce any kind of content from this website for commercial purposes.
  • Edit, change, modify content on this website.
  • Distribute content from this website to other channels (content specifically made for redistribution can be shared to other channels).
  • Reproduce any part content from this website by means of screen scrapers or iframes.

There is content specifically made for redistribution. However, you are allowed to redistribute it only within your organization.

Acceptable use

You must use this website only in a way that will not cause any harm to the website or impair the accessibility or availability of NerdyTom. Any illegal, unlawful, harmful, or fraudulent activities or actions related to them are prohibited on this website.

This website must not be used for storing, copying, hosting, publishing, using, transmitting, sending, or distributing any content that potentially includes computer virus, spyware, rootkit, Trojan horse, keystroke logger, worm, or any other threatening computer software.

You do not have a right to conduct any automated or systematic data collection on this website. If you have a need to do so, you should send written consent to nerdytom.com.

The following data collection activities are not allowed:

  • data mining,
  • data distillation,
  • data harvesting,
  • Iframes,
  • article spinning,
  • scraping.

The use of this website or any part of it with the purpose of sending or transmitting unsolicited commercials is prohibited.

The use of this website for marketing purposes is not allowed if you do not have the express written consent of nerdytom.com.

Restricted access

NerdyTom has a right to restrict access to specific areas of the website or to the entire website, if necessary. This policy can be modified without any notice.

To give you access to the restricted areas of the website, NerdyTom may provide you with a user ID and a password. It is your responsibility to keep this data confidential. Never tell your user ID and password to third parties.

NerdyTom has a right to disable your user ID and password without any notice and further explanation.

User content

In the following terms and conditions, by “your user content,” we mean any materials (images, audio, and visual material, etc.) that you submit to this website for any purpose.

By submitting your content, you give a right to nerdytom.com the right to publish, adapt, reproduce, translate and distribute your material on social media. You grant an irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to share your content. Moreover, you automatically allow nerdytom.com to sub-license these rights and bring an action for infringement of these rights.

Your user content should be legal and lawful, and it should not violate any third party’s legal rights. It must not put under threat the reputation of NerdyTom and the reputation of any third party under any applicable law.

If you have content that is currently or has ever been the subject of any threatened or actual legal proceedings, you should not submit it to this website.

NerdyTom has a right to modify or withdraw any content uploaded to this website. Moreover, any content stored, hosted, or published on nerdytom.com’s servers can be edited or removed without any notice.

According to these terms and conditions in regards to user’s content, NerdyTom is not responsible for monitoring this content’s submission and/or publication on this website.

No warranties

The website you’re currently viewing is presented as it is without explicit or implied representations or warranties. nerdytom.com makes no assertions or assurances regarding this website or the content and materials available on this website.

Not limiting the generality of the paragraph above, nerdytom.com makes no representations or warranties that:

  • This website will be open at all times or will be available at all times.


  • This website’s information is correct, comprehensive, up-to-date, or non-deceptive.

There is no item on this page that can be construed as or is intended to be construed as guidance in some type. If you need help with a legal, financial, or medical issue, you can seek advice from a qualified expert.

Limitations of liability

Concerning the contents of, or use of, or alternatively in association with, this page, nerdytom.com would not be liable to you (whether under the rule of contract, the law of torts, or otherwise):

  • for any direct loss, to the degree that the website is given free of charge;
  • for any loss that is indirect, exceptional, or consequential;
  • for any business losses, like sales, jobs, earnings, or expected savings, contracts or business relationships loss, credibility or goodwill lost, or knowledge or data loss or corruption.

And if nerdytom.com has been specifically told of the possibility of failure, certain limits of liability apply.


Nothing in this website disclaimer would exclude or restrict any implicit warranty that would be illegal to exclude or limit. Nothing in this website disclaimer would exclude or restrict NerdyTom’s liability in respect of any of the cases described below:

  • death or personal injury caused by the negligence of nerdytom.com, its representatives (agents, shareholders/owners, or employees);
  • fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation committed by nerdytom.com representatives;
  • situations when it would be unconstitutional or unlawful for nerdytom.com to exclude or restrict, or to threaten or claim to exclude or restrict, its liability.


You accept that the exclusions and restrictions of liability set out in this website disclaimer are appropriate when accessing this website.

You should not use this website if you do not consider them reasonable.

Other parties

You acknowledge that nerdytom.com, as a limited liability company, is interested in restricting the personal liability of its employees and management. You consent not to make any personal claims against nerdytom.com’s representatives or employees over any damages you may incur due to using the website.

Not limiting the generality of the paragraph above, you accept that this domain disclaimer would cover nerdytom.com’s managers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, superiors, assigns, and sub-contractors as well as nerdytom.com itself.

Unenforceable provisions

If any aspect of this website disclaimer is determined to be impossible to enforce by applicable law, the enforceability of the remaining aspects of this website disclaimer would not be affected.


You agree to indemnify and hold nerdytom.com indemnified against each and all damages, expenditures, losses, liabilities, and expenses (including, without restriction, litigation expenses and all sums paid by nerdytom.com to a third party in arbitration of a lawsuit or dispute on the advice of nerdytom.com’s legal advisers) caused or suffered by nerdytom.com as a result of your violation of any provision of these terms and conditions, or any allegation that you have violated any provision of these terms and conditions.

Breaches of these terms and conditions

If you violate these terms and conditions in some way, nerdytom.com will take whatever steps it finds necessary to comply with the breach without prejudice to nerdytom.com’s other rights under these terms and conditions. Possible steps include suspending your access to the website, banning you from accessing the website, requesting that the internet service company obstruct your access to the website, preventing devices with your IP address from accessing the website, or/and taking legal action against you.


Nerdytom.com reserves the right to update these terms and conditions every now and then. From the date of release of the updated terms and conditions on this website, the use of this website will be governed by them. Please revisit this page on a regular basis to ensure that you are up to date.


NerdyTom’s rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions can be transferred, subcontracted, or otherwise dealt with by nerdytom.com without notifying you or acquiring your permission.

Within these terms and conditions, you can not pass, subcontract, or otherwise deal with your rights and/or obligations.


If a court or other competent body finds a provision of these terms and conditions to be unconstitutional and/or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will remain in place. Any unconstitutional and/or unenforceable provision that would be legal or enforceable if a portion of it is removed will be considered to be removed, and the remainder of the provision will remain in place.

Entire agreement

These terms and conditions, along with NerdyTom’s Privacy Policy, represent the whole arrangement between you and nerdytom.com for the use of this platform and supersede all prior agreements.

Law and jurisdiction

These terms and conditions will be regulated by and interpreted in compliance with the laws. Any conflicts arising from them will be subject to the courts’ exclusive jurisdiction.