Challenges Immigrants Face in the USA


Many people migrate to the United States for several reasons. America is one of the most developed countries technologically and economically. Living standards are better, and that is why America has become a home to most immigrants. However, immigrants face numerous challenges when they first migrate to the USA because they adapt to new lifestyles. Although people in the USA assist immigrants adapt easily.

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First, many immigrants face the challenge of the language barrier. Since most of them come from countries where English is the second or third language, therefore, they face many communication challenges. Americans assist immigrants in mastering the pronunciation of basic words. The same is aimed at assisting immigrants to communicate easily. Notably, communication creates a lot of stress for immigrants and makes it difficult to access services. For instance, in the provision of critical services such as healthcare, the American government employs special services such as translators to assist doctors and patients in understanding the needs of one another (Briggs 15). Therefore, language is a crucial part of where Americans assist immigrants.

Conversely, Americans assist immigrants in getting jobs in America. Getting a job is a big obstacle for immigrants, given that they are in a new environment. Even though immigrants are educated and professional from where they come from, it takes time to be accepted in the USA system. Americans give immigrants manual jobs to adapt to the way of life as they look for better opportunities. In doing so, Americans enable immigrants to cater for their living expenses. The American government facilitates social security numbers to enable immigrants to apply for jobs.


In conclusion, challenges are unavoidable when one moves to a new environment. Immigrants who move to the USA face a lot of challenges that have been addressed above. Americans assist immigrants in adapting to the new environment and cultures in several ways. Since the way of life in America is different from other countries, it is important to assist immigrants in understanding how to survive as they struggle to make their lives better. There are many differences between America and different countries; that is why American residents assist immigrants in defeating such obstacles.

Work cited

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