How to Engage in a Successful Job: Marketing Plan


The thought of what I will be in the near future is chilling. It elicits fears about the limited opportunities and challenging times being experienced across the world. It is important to study critically what opportunities are there and how they can be tapped in. Because various industries require qualifications that can improve existing business process infrastructure, my ambition to work in such industries is the underlying need for a personal marketing plan. This plan is my trajectory or rather path through which I will approach the industry. This plan portrays me as the right person for opportunities in related corporations.

The personal marketing plan will help me market myself aggressively across the job market. Even good products can become dead stock if they are not properly marketed. Overall, my personal marketing plan is aimed at planning for my career. It is my marketing plan to get a job. Through strategic planning and thoughtful implementation of the marketing plan, I will be able to place my personality and credentials in the job market as attractive and most sought by employers. This plan contains my impressive qualities and achievements in the field I specialize in and want to take up a career in.

My impressive assets form the integral part of the plan. They include my relevant work experience, academic grades, extracurricular activities, and leadership qualities and communications skills. These are the most sought after attributes in curriculum vitae when one employs for a job. The structure of my marketing plan is also very important. Outlining the plan and arranging it in a way that details the contents attractively is vital. A well-structured marketing plan is easy to execute. In this case, my personal marketing plan draws out a clear picture of my industry and finesse as a career person.

These elements inspire employers. Employers are always looking for impressive qualities and qualifications in a CV. After evaluating a CV and finding it to have the relevant experience and academic qualifications, the employer is certain he has found the correct candidate. My objective is to project to the employer this kind of a profile.

My target functions

  • Marketing management
  • Business management
  • Business development

The role of business manager is to manage business processes, the structure that supports the business process and the infrastructure. Managing marketing intelligence, developing products and identifying new markets for the company is another vital role. Objectively, my roles, as stipulated above, will be of significant value to any organization. This approach cushions my application from job downturns. My personal marketing plan outlines the roles that I would take up if offered an opportunity to work. Below is my comprehensive personal marketing plan.

Personal mission statement

My objective as a business development and marketing research and development expert, is to excel in establishing new products for emerging markets. By identifying consumer needs, developing products relevant to these needs, providing consumers with value for their money and giving back as a means of selling will help my position become integral in developing a market share for my company.

This can be achieved if a proper working environment, information management systems, and adequate provisions are provided or are available. Sustainable markets and products will be available for a long time given the fact that, such provisions allow their sustenance. This is my goal in any management task.

Personal marketing objectives (Duties and responsibilities I would like to take up)

  • Identifying new markets for products and services and finding out how such a market would affect the profitability of my company positively
  • Project management for the implementation of new marketing strategies
  • Managing business relationships with local partners, providing for marketing teams and serving as the intermediary between the market and the organization
  • Implementing and managing business processes by the company/organization
  • Developing new products and identifying markets for them

My personal SWOT

What are my weaknesses, and strength as a management expert? Every characteristic of a successful management can be identified easily through results observed in the workplace. I am results oriented person. I have a strong personality and am a person who is able to work under pressure and alongside others, inspire teamwork, and succeed in managing work group.

I am a manager who is aware of core problems faced in modern workplace. I posses great analytical skills and am proficient in conflict resolution. My desire to work as a professional is insatiable. I can go to any length to put across my case.

Am self-motivated and adapts to various environments easily. Am capable of meeting deadlines and make use of time diligently. Such strengths provide the perfect solution to get things done when the pressure is overwhelming. These are vital signs of a good leader and business manager. These traits are revered for only successful business leaders and chief executives have possessed them.

Most of my capabilities are because of higher-level learning. I am a business school graduate who is highly disciplined. I have worked for various organizations during my attachment. I was highly recommended by senior level managers for carrying out my tasks diligently and for showing maturity. I exhibited great team player qualities that are essential in the integration and execution of strategies in a company.

In future, I wish to be a senior manager or a CEO of leading companies. I have already started working in Dubai as a senior level manager for a multi-million dollar company. Am learning a lot and facing the challenges very aggressively.

My distinctive Competencies and competitive advantages

My proficiency in developing products, marketing plans and managing business processes is vital in any business set up. Such attributes are essential in management. Through personal development, handwork and a positive attitude, I am capable of identifying with fellow employees, advising my managers and immediate seniors about strategy, policy and execution of company strategic plan.

Product development and identifying markets for both the new and existing products serves as a great source of inspiration for any company. My ability to achieve this is integral in any corporation seeking to expand and increase its markets and market share respectively. Looking at the economic weather, there has been a demand for dynamic managers who can change the course of business in thousands of blue chip companies that are struggling to recapture their place in the industry. Various economic weather storms have either led to financial crisis, loss of market share, decline in profits and a slow down in business. Such a corporation is desperate to restructure its business strategy. Unfortunately, it is the lack of a professional who has capabilities of turning such downturns into opportunity. My skills and knowledge offer just that.

Reviving a corporation’s place in the market is only the first step, but managing it through the business weather that is full of impending storm is the truly profound. This is my strength in business management and development. The company I will work for will fully benefit from my strategies and enjoy consistent growth. This will give the company a competitive edge against its competitors. This will cushion such a company from competition, scrambling for market share and business downturns during off seasons.

Target Markets and organizations I would like to work for

My desire to work goes beyond merely being employed; it is a passion to excel and become a leader in management. My objective as a business development manager or a marketing manager is to lead an organization and help it succeed in executing its strategic plans, steer the organization to consistent growth, and place it in the league of leading organizations in the particular industry it specializes in. This draws out a clear picture of the kind of organization I would like to work. Medium level manufacturing companies, consulting, distribution, telecommunications, and banking are ideal for starters while my principal objective is to work for a conglomerate that has a global presence.

During my attachment and short stint in the employment sector, I chanced to meet many senior level managers who were impressed by my attributes and contributions during discussions. This was during exchange programmes where managers had a chance to discuss various corporate matters and give views about market sizes, marketing theories and approaches and business development. These leaders in management are the ones I would like to steer my self-marketing campaign. I am the brand that I need to be recognized and bought by the best customer (employer). How to go about this is not easy. However, through contacting them respectively through a brief and concise dossier detailing my ambitions, qualifications, achievements and experiences in an orderly manner will help start the process of marketing me across the job market.

The target industries I am targeting as mentioned earlier are mid level manufacturing companies, consulting, distribution, telecommunications, and banking. These have a strong presence and have a vital role to play in the society. I have a list of companies, which I would like to work for. Each company has a manager I know from the recent past as I have mentioned above. These include the following

Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bharti Airtel, Coca-Cola, Fed Ex, O2, Goldman Sachs, Black Water, Total Oil and Tesco. These companies are reputable and very aggressive in their corporate and social responsibilities. They have been there for a long time and their market share has been very lucid cushioning them from the harsh economic weather conditions. Working for such organizations would provide an opportunity to grow and gain immense knowledge and proficiency in business management, business development, and marketing.

Summary on my segmentation and target markets for brand ‘me’

Target marketing platform; these are the senior level and influential managers who I know and have related. They will spear head my marketing campaign by recommending for positions relevant to my experience and academic background.

Geographical areas would I like to work in include S. Africa, Kenya, America, China, Britain, India, Netherlands, Japan, and Singapore. These areas are thriving with business opportunities. I would go in either, armed with knowledge and a passion to discover the emerging markets and the untapped potential of such markets.

Industries that I would like to work in include; mid level manufacturing companies, consulting, distribution, telecommunications, and banking.

Personal marketing mix

When should I roll out my personal marketing plan? Am I ready yet? Rolling out this plan is important. Time is an essential tool and factor in all aspects of life including business processes. There are emerging opportunities that can be tapped into. Time allows the capturing of such opportunities. This means, my rollout schedule is not limited to specific periods rather it is flexible.

Am reliable, aggressive, and able to manage time, execute plans diligently and as per plan. I have the ability to develop and manage a business process. I am proficient, resourceful, and able to work under pressure. I am very dynamic, confident and work under no supervisions. I am committed, fluent in English, and much focused in playing my roles responsibly.

Am ready to start working immediately or whenever called upon.

How will I bring the buyer (employer) to the fold?

I will contact people I know, write to the managers I mentioned earlier and apply for advertised positions, and upload my resume in databanks of organizations I hope to work. This will place me in good stead. My portfolio will be available to the employer from all corners. The managers I have contacts with will recommend and refer me to employers. My applications will be examined and evaluated. Employers can search for my resume from their records. I will also send my resume to firms that hire on behalf of companies.

How much am I worth? What will ask for in return for my skill set? I am hoping to take home a good perquisite. Approximately not less than a $100,000 annually. I am sure, am worth this. My efforts, contributions, and achievements upon employment will be immeasurable guaranteeing the employer results, profits, and growth.

Promotion; if I get the opportunity, where will I be after 2 or 3 years? It is hard to ignore the context of a promotion. I will look forward to be promoted on merit. Am confident my contributions as a manager in the company will guarantee promotion and career development.


As a business development manager, marketing manager,/ business manager, my objective is to advance my career and bring profitability to the organization I work for. Through aggressive self-marketing, I aim to achieve my objective of good employment. I have a strong desire to achieve this through executing my self-marketing plan diligently. I am very optimistic that the strategy will yield great results.

  • Below is a summary of responsibilities I would wish to be awarded
  • Identifying new markets for products and services and finding out how such a market would affect the profitability of my company positively
  • Project management for the implementation of new marketing strategies
  • Managing business relationships with local partners, providing for marketing teams and serving as the intermediary between the market and the organization
  • Implementing and managing business processes by the company/organization
  • Developing new products and identifying markets for them
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