Intellectual Trouble in the USA


The level of rationalism and intellectuality of the people of the United States has become questionable as a result of the rapid technological advancements that we are currently experiencing. There has been a steady decline in the utilization of print media over the years. Students used to read poems, books, novels and journals that were not only related to their curriculum. This trend has however changed. At the present moment, individuals are now involved in the utilization of visual media than print media. At the same time, the internet, especially the social media, has changed the manner in which individuals interact, think and write. These factors have negatively affected the intellectual capacity of individuals and their social life. An article written by Susan Jocoby in 2008 presented this whole argument.

Ignorance or New Literacy

Several arguments have been raised pertaining to whether Americans are becoming ignorant to literacy or they are undergoing a great revolution. Several scholars have come up with their theories and opinions pertaining the issue. In her book, The Age of American Unreason, Susan Jocoby states that Americans have changed the manner in which they think and perceive things. According to her, much of the problems that the nation is currently facing are due to the ignorance that has risen in the public. This ignorance has come about due to the changes in that the society is experiencing. There has been a rapid decline in the use of print media by the public for the last three or so decades. People are not reading as much as they used to back in the day. Instead, the spend much of their time watching television, playing video games and surfing the internet. The number of 17 year olds who read nothing other than their course material has doubled between 1984 and 2004. Due to this fact therefore, these individuals do not have the relevant knowledge and skills that are required to build and sustain a great nation. Susan therefore blames technology for the problems that the nation is currently facing.

Technology has brought about real problems on our society. However, if several considerations are put into place, these technological advancements can be used for the good of the society. To keep up with this pace, most of the books that were in print form several decades ago should be converted into electronic form. This will make it easier for students to access them via the internet. Secondly, the use of social media and networks can be used to improve the level of socialization among individuals. Through these networks, individuals will have the chance to interact with their friend, make new ones and share their photos and ideas at the comfort of their homes. Finally, it will be necessary to incorporate information communication technology (ICT) in the school curriculum. This will build a stronger base for the development of ICT in the coming generations.


The application of the above solutions will be essential to bring the increasing ignorance as a result of technological advancement to an end. With these solutions, individuals will have the chance to utilize visual media to improve their intellectuality, rationality and social skills. This will in turn lead to the development of a strong and stable society that will be able to sustain itself.

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