McDonald’s Corporation is a Leader in Fast Food. Secrets of Success

McDonald’s Corporation

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) happens to be the market leader globally in the fast-food business and it operates over 33,000 outlets and has its presence in over 119 countries across the globe. The company is located in the United States and operates as a franchise, an affiliate, and can also operate as a corporation. MacDonald’s is mainly involved in the business of selling fast food products such as hamburgers, chicken, soft drinks, desserts, and other products found in fast food, all these services are across the globe.

Advantages of the Company

Through the description of McDonald’s “Customer Benefit Package,” the description of the service is indicated by the statement to me that customers will get value for money for their products. The company guarantees convenience and timeless service, even though McDonald’s are reputed for their good service, the statement indicates that the service shall be exemplary and offer such services like, ordering by phone, pick up delivery, and other customized services.

The company also guarantees professionalism in their services and the clients who are in this program shall experience purchases that guarantee their confidence, also the clients shall be referred by their names. The company also guarantees to be flexible to the needs of the customer. Also guaranteed is the delivery of clients’ purchases to their homes. These services mean that Mcdonald’s remains competitive and creates a loyal crop of clients.

A key factor for clients to keep coming back is quality customer loyalty. When customers enjoy a good experience they are bound to return to the establishment since they had felt appreciated. MacDonald’s strives to always offer its clients a good experience from the parking spaces as they leave their cars for the restaurants. The chain has grown to the extent that there is always a MacDonald’s outlet down the road for customer convenience. They deliver to wherever a customer is at any time day or night thus making it timeless. All the staffs are well trained thus professional in dispensing services to clients. The company does not quaver in its words rather; all it promises to deliver is delivered. The atmosphere at MacDonald’s is inviting and relaxed thus appealing to all clients across the age group. The best thing is that all staff practice a polite yet responsive attitude all the time thus all clients are guaranteed to experience the best service at any MacDonald outlet around the world.

Under the “Customer Benefit Package,” in Mcdonald’s, the company also guarantees to deliver what they have promised, offer script dialogue in talking orders, and respond to the needs of the client. These are necessary ingredients for creating customer loyalty and a professional environment. McDonald’s have assessed their strengths and uses their experience, quality, and advantage as the market leader to offer more superior services than what the competition offers.

Organizations are today facing intense competition and have to be creative to enhance customer loyalty and boost sales. Business organizations have to develop marketing tactics that are better than the competitors offer and are acceptable to the intended customers. McDonald’s cannot sit pretty, even though it is the market leader it needs to increase its efforts in marketing thus it has created the “Customer Benefit Package” campaign. The campaign’s main intention is to increase customer loyalty and increase sales.


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