The Art and Science of Leadership


Leadership as a method that can be described as a way of giving direction to the actions of other people (staff) with the hope of attaining or accomplishing a common objective. Leadership encircles more on influencing people to get things done to the required level and of quality above their capability and having done it willingly. It can also be ascribed to involve helping other people to achieve a better life. Above all, leadership is all about vision, energizing people and competence. (Stephen ,2009)

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In its deeper meaning or definition it involves a balance between the art and science, although it tends to be more of an art than a science. The science of leadership concentrates more on the observation, study and grouping of leadership practices resulting into reliable explanation of what makes leaders to be effective. On the other hand, the art of leadership is made up practical experiences in the application of the leadership practices and the methods resulting from the science of leadership. My opinion is that the art of leadership revolves about practice until one develops intuition. This will come as a result of many years of experience and self-discipline. (George, 2006)

The actions and the procedures that are included in the leadership science, requires relentless practice and on going experience, until they become part of a leader. A good leader will be able to effortlessly lead and inspire others, without constantly being criticized. Leadership can be broken down into group, operational and strategic. Group which defines the leader as a person leading a group of people with clearly defined tasks to be undertaken. Leadership is also operational in the sense that the leader can lead another leader of a group and put all this under one control. Leadership is also strategic in the sense that a leader has operational leaders to lead and the team leaders. (Vadim, 2009)

In difficult situations leadership flows to the person who knows what to do in a given situation.There are various qualities that will go along way to help a person be defined as being a leader: The most important quality of a leader is the extra ordinary performance with the goal achieving extra ordinary results.(Tejvan ,2007)

Good characters of an effective leader be it of an organization or even in politics will include the following; a leader in a business organization will be expected to show humility at all situations. It is dutifully wrong for one to think that he or she is always on the right. Absence of humility within a leader of a business entity will result in ineffectiveness since it will tend to create an atmosphere of inferiority and superiority complex. A leader ought to work quietly without demanding recognition and praise. (Tejvan, 2007)

A good leader will be able to take criticism without being emotionally disturbed. Welcoming criticism is one foundation of learning. As a leader we will constantly make mistakes but we ought to learn from our mistakes seek for advise from the experts or even the staff. Effective leadership requires knowledge and wisdom which will only come as a result of experience through making mistakes as its been, “leadership and learning are one thing” (Deone, 2007)


As a leader one ought to show belief in himself, in what he beliefs in, thus showing a vision of the future and an understanding of who they are. Organizational leaders will have an articulate vision of what the knowledge agenda and management is all about. They are not just for themselves; they set a common goal and give direction to their followers. There is a tendency for the people to follow a leader who knows where he or she is headed. (John, 2009)

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