Annotated Bibliography – Health Care System Changing

Changing the US Health Care System: Key Issues in Health Services Policy and Management. Edition 3. John Wiley and Sons. Pp. 693.

The author contributed to the description of health care system change observed in the USA taking into account the most important issues in health care policy development, such as ensuring quality, improving access, and costs control. It is necessary to underline the fact that the book highlights the data of recent health care system researches reflecting the aspects of nursing performance innovations and information systems development. The author managed to depict the most recent changes in the sphere of the American health care system.

Forest, P-G. and Marchildon, Th. (2004). Romanow Papers: Changing Health Care in Canada. University of Toronto Press. Pp. 388.

The book highlights selection of health care researches conducted by the Romanow Commission. The authors managed to describe the difficulties faced by the modern medicine sphere through human resources management and organizational regulation. The data provided some key steps to problems solution and obstacles overcoming caused by health care system changes.

Wise, D. and Yashiro, N. (2006). Health Care Issues in the United States and Japan. University of Chicago Press. Pp. 258.

The authors disclosed the exploration of basic changes in the US and Japanese health systems stem from being under the influence of economical shifts. The issues are aimed at the description of free-for-service mechanisms and insurance schemes developed in the medicine sphere in Japan and being contrasted to the US for-profit hospitals and managed care. The book touches on the problems of infectious diseases which appeared to turn into chronic maladies in most countries.

Isaacs, S. and Knickman, J. (2006). To Improve Health and Health Care: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Anthology. John Wiley and Sons. Pp. 266.

The book discloses the peculiarities of the largest philanthropy being devoted to health care system. The authors highlighted the methods of American health care improvement through innovation fostering and information dissemination. The book has an informative function as the authors strived to provide the general look at health care system programs developed within Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in order to give a clear picture of medicine sphere changes for educators, policymakers and practitioners.

Lundy, K. and Janes, Sharyn. (2009). Community Health Nursing: Caring for Public’s Health. 2nd Edition. Jones and Bartlett Publishers. Pp. 850.

The information is aimed at highlight of community health nursing changes observed with the flow of its historical development. It should be stressed that the special aspect is devoted to population-based nursing leading to primary prevention and health promotion in the community. It was stated that modern health care system can be viewed from the positions of community-focused and community-based side; the books discloses major community collaborations and nursing disasters in time of emergencies.

Kriz, J. (2008). The Patient Will See You Now: How Advances in Science, Medicine, and Technology Will Lead to a Personalized Health Care System. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. Pp. 184.

The author addresses health care system transformations for the recent years through deep knowledge of genome. The data investigates the movement to mission-driven health care system concentrated upon the development of disease management and predictive approaches reflecting technology advances and scientific contribution.

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