Brandwatch: Dashboard Wizard

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring company based in England that provides a vast array of tools and services for social media analysis. The main goal of the company is to provide businesses with a more comprehensive understanding of how their brands are promoted online, which is needed to “help brands make smarter decisions” (Who we are).

Brandwatch has been recently concerned with how to make the data analysis for clients faster. Another concern is that social media analysis data encompasses a wide range of complicated information that needs to be structured into simple and intelligible forms. Since the company’s clients will make business decisions based on these data, it is important that the data are presented in an organized manner and with simplicity. Also, it is often considered helpful by clients to have the data visualized, i.e. presented in the graphic form, such as charts and graphs.

A technology that can help address these problems is the Dashboard Wizard, which is a tool for gaining social analytics data faster by filling in a form and receiving a comprehensive report. According to the company’s website, the Dashboard Wizard makes social media analytics ten times faster for clients (Introducing the Dashboard Wizard). The selection is based on such criteria as adequacy, i.e. how effectively the technology addresses the needs of clients, feasibility, i.e. whether the technology can achieve the goals set for it, and cost.

The impact of the technology implementation is to be measured in two ways: internal, i.e. the company’s operation, and external, i.e. clients’ feedback. Brandwatch does not disclose the cost of developing the Dashboard Wizard, but its cost-effectiveness is to be evaluated by monitoring the sales dynamics and calculating return on investment (ROI) (Fan and Gordon 78).

A major recommendation for the company is to to pay more attention to evaluating their clients’ feedback by monitoring social media and blogs. Another recommendation is to continue research to find out new ways of making social analytics data simpler and more manageable for clients. Finally, Brandwatch should constantly monitor its competitors because social media analysis is a highly competitive industry.

First, it is proposed to generate interest in clients by heavily publicizing the new technology online. With its established reputation, the company has access to a wide audience, and reaching the audience with a new proposed technology is the first thing to do. The second step is collecting initial feedback from clients. Based on it, it may be further assessed to be necessary to make organizational changes. Finally, constant monitoring may reveal the need to introduce some changes to the technology, which is why Brandwatch needs to ensure that the Dashboard Wizard will be appropriately updated on a regular basis.

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