Geography Classes Definition

After the completion of the Geography classes, it became understandable for me that Geography is a rather interesting and important class, which gives a great deal of information about the modern world. Being aware of the countries and some specific features of them, it was remarkable for me to get to know some features of the cultural peculiarities of the countries and some significant features of their geographical location, which influence their customs and traditions, their mode of life and the people’s traits of character, as the environment and area where the person lives influences his/her opinion, view on the world in general and the behavior in particular. A great many countries and the places they live in have surprised me greatly. Studying some distant areas it was never understandable for me how people can live there. Moreover, it was also remarkable for me that the country’s location influences its climate, which, in its turn, influences the flora and fauna of the country, the number of the natural resources, which exist there, and the peculiarities of the governmental and social position of the country in general.

The main goal for me about the Geography class was to know more about the countries, the peculiarities of people’s life there, some significant features of their location and how it can influence the people’s behavior, their style of life. Moreover, the climate differences and changes in different countries also interested me, as the problem of climate change is sharp in the current world. It may be said that all my goals were achieved, furthermore, the other information was also got, which may help me both in life and the future study. The value of geography in the future life is that being a broadly educated person is a very good feature of character, and the value of the gathered knowledge in a future study is that geographical location is the main component of understanding the political and social life in the country, the bordering countries may also help in understanding the economical life of the country as the trade and other facilities are mostly provided with the neighboring countries and then with the distant one.

Having come through the Geography class it is now understandable for me that my previous knowledge about geography was very poor. Knowing some well-developed countries of the world, I was not aware of the other middle- and poorly developed countries, which also provide their contribution in the world countries relations. Now I can easily name the countries I want to visit and the cities I want to walk in. This knowledge will remove the vacation problem for me in the future. Now, watching the news where the city is named, I may easily name the country it is situated in, identify its location, and provide some analysis of the situation, which is there. In addition, my knowledge about the climate problems and the problem of flora and fauna increased, and now the conversations of the harmful climate effects and the extinction of the plants and animals are known to me.

Analyzing the Geography class in general and introducing my recommendations about which points should be included in the course, it may be mentioned that the connection of the geographical connection with the culture and people’s behavior in the country is not enough, as for me. Moreover, the video information should be provided in more extended volume and the creative projects may be implemented, such as to create the country, think about its location and the population, caring about climate and other features, which should come one out of other, and the flora and fauna should be fitted the climate peculiarities.

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