The Issue of Abortion in America


Social issues affect the livelihoods of people in society in various ways. Numerous issues exist in society and people have different views on these issues. One issue that brings a lot of controversy in society is abortion since different viewpoints are advanced on this issue. The issue of abortion is so complex that finding a solution now or shortly will be tricky. Numerous opinions, ideas and suggestions have been advanced on the opposition, proposition or asceticism towards abortion. In the United States of America, people are split on whether to support abortion or to criminalize the act. This essay is going to analyze the issue of abortion in society.

Abortion in the USA

There are several forms of abortion but the one that raises a lot of debate in the USA is induced abortion. There are many reasons why induced abortion causes a lot of discomforts. This debate has split the country into various factions, all with different opinions. Many groups have come out to brand themselves either “pro life” or “pro choice” and these groups have been at the forefront in pushing for the adoption of their ideas. Although abortion is legal in the United States, several issues have been raised through numerous court rulings. For instance, the Pro-life proponents have voiced their concern on the sanctity and protection of life through the constitution. While on the other hand, the Pro-choice campaigners have supported abortion terming the act as a matter of personal choice (Krieg, p. 67). They further argue that the fourth amendment gives power to expectant mothers to choose how to take care of their bodies. The abortion issue has not spared talk from religious circles who question whether the act is ethical and righteous. Politicians who are lawmakers have also not been spared by the debate, the Democratic Party supports abortion while the Republicans are against it (Rose, p. 88).

The main issue that surrounds abortion is how the act is undertaken; many people have questioned the circumstances that could make abortion legal. For instance, if the foetus or the baby endangers the life of the mother, then is this reason enough to legalize abortion. In some circumstances, expectant mothers might not have the resources to take care of a child thus the question raised is whether they are justified to procure an abortion (Krieg, p. 91). Rape victims who end up becoming pregnant are also some of the people that have been enjoined in the debate. Abortion is not only a major issue in the United States but globally where the act raises a lot of emotions. The social issues that surround abortion deal with religion, justice, law and societal values. However, it is noteworthy to conclude that since abortion was legalized in 1973, many lives have been saved as a result of legalising abortion (Rose, p. 103). The legal system in the United States has set a precedent on the issue of abortion by providing several rulings that guided the issue. For instance, the 1973 Roe vs. Wade case legalized abortion.

A recent poll on abortion in the United States of America was carried out and the results of the poll show that Americans support the act. The Gallup poll indicated that 20% of Americans would prefer if abortion was made illegal. However, the same poll also indicated that 77% of Americans would prefer the law on abortion to remain the way it is. The results of this poll have been used politically to try and force the Pro-Choice campaigners to accept the banning of abortion. The abortion issue on several occasions comes up in political debates as a means of gauging support for the act or not (Lauren 1). Moreover, in the poll, it is believed that 58% of Americans are against abortion. On the issue of abortion, it is only right for the voice of the majority who are against abortion to be heard. While at the same time, it is also proper to respect the wishes of the minority who support abortion. As a result, it is prudent for different people to exercise caution when discussing and finding solutions to this issue. The laws which legalize abortion should be weighed against societal values when dealing with abortion (Rose, p. 109).


Societal issues cut across the fabric of society since it touches on issues experienced by every race, gender, age or social class. Abortion in the United States has created a lot of debate in society although it is legal in the country. Since time immemorial, this issue has split the country into different factions. Polls conducted on the issues show that most Americans are against the practice even though many people have been adamant in enshrining it in the law. Moreover, many people feel that women who support abortion should not be castigated for their stand. Solving issues to deal with abortion is difficult and it is only prudent to conclude that the abortion debate will continue for a long time to come.

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