Climate Change Implications for Shell Australia’s Major Gas Projects


Briefing note on climate change implications for Shell Australia’s major gas projects.

Issue summary

There is a huge impact of different plants and factories on the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide, which is exuded during the emission of greenhouse gases, can cause an irreparable effect on climate changes. The Australian government plans to build a carbon capture and storage system on the northwest coast which is going to be the biggest in the world. This system will cut the harmful climate impact produced by the major gas plants, which are situated in the area. (Australia Plans Massive Carbon Storage System)


The irresponsible attitude of plants to the climate in past created some problems in present. The carbon dioxide is removed from the natural gas and is just ventured into the air. This system damages the atmosphere but unfortunately, it is still used. The problem becomes uncontrolled when several plants are situated in one area. The appropriate technologies should be invented and used to save the climate and to prevent its further changes.

Current status

The structure of Australia’s economy has a major impact on its greenhouse gas emissions profile and its consequent approach to addressing climate change. Energy and greenhouse gas-intensive industries are significant contributors to Australia’s economy. Coal, oil and gas production, and heavy engineering and aluminum industries are significant sources of income” (Australia’s Third National Communication on Climate Change).

So, the problem of saving the climate and preventing its changes is the main concern today. The Environment Minister of Australia Ian Campbell told reporters that the country is ready to invest 46.5 million dollars into the plant that can change the situation. (Australia Plans Massive Carbon Storage System) The carbon capture and storage system will be its specialization. The plant aims to prevent climate change by reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide in the air. The plant is going to remove the gas from the atmosphere by injecting it into the ground at a distance of 2.5 kilometers (1.6 miles). This is going to be the biggest injection project which has ever been created on the northwest coast of Australia.

Key Considerations

Responsibility – the government is responsible for building the plant which is going to reduce the harmful effect of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere.

Financing – the project will bring profit as energy and greenhouse gas-intensive industries are one of the main contributors to the economy of Australia.


The responsibility of the government on the plant building says about the government’s informing about the current problem and it is ready to do all possible to prevent the damage. The health problems caused by the climate changes played not the last part in the decision to create a plant, which is going to be responsible for removing the carbon dioxide from the air and burying it in the ground.

Conclusions and Recommendations

The given information may be a confirmation that the carbon capture and storage system is going to be a good placement of funds. The system will cover the expenses and bring a good profit. The northwest coast of Australia is the best place for such plants as it has several major plants already, which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. All that can cause climate changes which can lead to unpredictable effects.

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