Doctors’ Payment in the US Healthcare System

Currently, doctors in the United States of America are remunerated for every service performed. In addition, physicians are promoted and graded based on their compliance level in the provision of patient care. After thinking of the need to change the payment methods in America, President Obama introduced a health care program to ensure that doctors are paid based on performance. Remuneration based on performance refers to the method of compensation in which one is paid for services offered. Remuneration based on performance will get rid of bad incentives from the current payment system and reduce unnecessary tests and hospitalization of persons. A hardworking physician should get a higher salary than a lazy one. However, some individuals may criticize payment based on performance arguing that it will create a number of opportunities to challenge the healthcare system. Hence, there is a need to consider the methods used to pay doctors in America. Some of the benefits of remuneration based on performance encompass more quality services and substantial effort. This report acknowledges that the health sector would be considerably improved by remuneration based on performance, which also improves the living standards of the people.

The rethinking in job remuneration will ensure that doctors do their job well and sufficiently guarantee them good rewards; this will ensure physicians offer additional services to patients, including preventive care and other forms of support. To effectuate payment based on performance for doctors in America, there is a need to formulate standards to measure each physician’s level of activity. In the medical setting, this report notes that radiologists are among the best-paid physicians. In this field, age, gender as well race count nothing; the level of superiority in offering patient care services determines what one should earn. Remuneration based on performance ensures that services paid for are worthwhile as negative outcomes are minimized. Therefore, the American government should formulate a plan to implement bonus payments to encourage enhanced services. More attention should be placed on data used to evaluate the performance. Hence, individually generated data should be reaffirmed to make certain that correct data is used to disburse payments to the right persons. The need to review doctors’ payment methods will also ensure that the industry does not run a deficit of physicians in the long run. Remuneration based on performance brings the aspect of equality and fairness in the health sector as primary and specialized health providers are paid for work done.

American doctors ought to be paid based on value created and cost efficiency to guarantee economic growth and development. Better medical care ensures that productivity is enhanced and, as a result, wealth creation and investment are augmented. The goal of better medical care is to improve patients’ service delivery and care; lower performers are influenced as well motivated to work better and advance their service provision for money gain. The question of performance in medicine is difficult to some extent. In my view, if performance is not set to adequate standards, the payment of physicians should not be tied to performance because if healthcare providers lack essential facilities, then it would be hard for them to improve their performance. In addition, I believe physicians who experience regular remuneration cuts due to suboptimal performances may become negligent in their service provision and tend to serve quick healing patients to raise their earnings and reduce costs in terms of time. As a result, the program would deteriorate the healthcare standards and discredit the profession.

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