Issues in Relationships Between Parents and Children

In terms of relationships between parents and children, there are many things which are advantageous and boring for the side of younger generations. In this respect while growing up children are trying to find out the reasons for their behaviors. One of the approaches according to this is to claim independence in choices, cultures, traditions, and language, at large. The annoying factor of the discussion about the issue is incorporated in cases of misunderstanding between older and younger generations. With regard to the time prospects the idea of the conflict becomes rather clear and suspected. Moreover, this factor becomes viable and significant in every epoch of mankind’s development.

Thus, the age limits and time requirements are outlined to be the most persuasive aspects of discussion. The thing is that people got accustomed throughout their lives to think appropriately about how they were taught and studied in theory and in practice. Such old-school approach terrifies adolescents due to a lack of parents’ readiness to face children’s needs and interests. This is grounded on the fact that all people (and children are not excluded) live in the society which is quite changeable in its dynamics and ability to reflect time prospects and trendy torrents of innovations provided in various spheres of peoples’ activities.

The specter of values which should be adopted by children presupposes the honorable attitude toward parents and people being much older, good manners, etiquette, patriotic attitude toward country, love to the nature and everything it comprises etc. Thereupon, the point of disagreement which can emerge within adolescents props up against somehow inappropriate methods being used by adults. More cases of children’s disregards of parents’ commands are based on the intentions of adults to make children do what they are allegedly supposed to do without making any glimpses at what is happening in their souls and minds during transitional age.

In my practice I was deeply upset when being stress with my girlfriend’s betrayal my mother insisted on doing work about the house. That time I did not do it, and the verdict was immediate – house arrest for two weeks. Do you think that it was right from my mother’s side? Do you think that it helped her to improve my situation? Unfortunately, the result led to my further disapproval of what she wanted me to do when extremely needed. So we were no longer friends.

“Disrupted moral development, missed developmental opportunities, delayed preparation for professional and family life, and disruptions in close relationships” are considered to be the peaks of stress in adolescent age (Evans 211). According to this the real observation of transitional age is also pointed out with more conscientiousness about anatomic organization and changes appearing respectively along with attraction to opposite gender. Many of the adolescents do not know how to behave and become either aggressive or dispirited, as a result.

In my case the situation found negative coloring, when I was rude to everybody after different conflicts with peers. It appeared permanently after classes and at home. My ties with my parents were almost destructed, because I do not want to hear them talk to me. In fact, I confessed that was not right. Unfortunately, a generation ‘gap’ was an obstacle, so my parents understood me in a right way. They just left me be arrested in the house.

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